Jenelle Evans: Actually Seeking Custody of Son?!

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Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is heading to court in an effort to straighten out her life (insert joke here), with priority #1 being to gain custody of her son Jace.

Just a few days after breaking up with Gary Head and deleting her Twitter account (@PBandJenelly), she's hoping for a clean slate as she meets with a judge.

Jenelle Evans wants a judge to let her off probation completely, then plans to seek custody of her Jace, currently under control of her mother Barbara.

"Jenelle is trying to straighten her life out and the first step she's taking is requesting that a judge let her out of probation," her attorney Dustin Sullivan said.

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"Jenelle has actually been doing really well," Sullivan added. "She is doing everything she is supposed to do and I've seen a big improvement in her life."

After breaking up with her boyfriend because of alleged abuse, Sullivan said he encouraged Jenelle to take down her Twitter and she took his advice.

Her only goal now is to rebuild that relationship with Jace, Sullivan adds.

"Nothing has been filed but Jenelle has expressed interest in getting custody of Jace back," he said. "She would really like to have Jace back with her."

That would mark a dramatic reversal from what we've seen on Teen Mom 2, in which Jenelle fights and yells a lot but is rarely even seen with the tyke.

Sullivan said his oft-troubled 20-year-old client would be heading to court April 24 to make the request and he is hopeful that the judge will agree.


Super late.. but every mother deserves their child but Janelle on the other hand needs help and a big bag of realization if I was the judge I wouldn't give for custody because she's so crazy there's no telling what she's gonna do next and if you ask jace who his mother is it shouldn't be a shocker if he say Barbara jace probably think Janelle is his sister or etcetera and from what I've seen Janelle starts majority of the arguments and fights when all her mother want is for her daughter to step up and be a parent personally I think Janelle would take care of a men before being a mother and taking care of her son and the very first episode when she was pregnant Barbara clearly said 'janelle your not ready to be anyone's mother"


I have watched every teen mom since day one, and for those that say Barb starts all the fights, either do not really watch the show or cannot comprehend how these fights start. For example, Janelle was supposed to watch Jace but was to tired to get out of bed, so yes Barb yelled. She lied, stole credit cards, smoked pot at her mom's house knowing Jace could have been taken by the courts had DCFS, showed up. Janelle does not have the mindset to take care of Jace. She should not be let of probation, you do the crime you do the time. She just wants to be off so she can smoke pot, those of you that really watch the show know this. As for her getting custudy of Jace, she needs to be tested every 2 months for all drugs, and maybe after a year, think about getting custudy.


IM so happy that she is trying to get Jace back she has come a long way since the start considering that her mum is always starting the fights


if you really pay attention when watching the show barb really does start the yelling arguments. not saying that jenelle is being super responible and reasonable but in reality neither of them can hold a simple conversation without pushing the other ones buttons.


gary never hit her she is a liar


I agree kay.. that boy needs stability..and she don't have any..every other day she wants to straighten her life out... its b.s. she should thank her mother every day for taking care of her son.. janelle is the problem not her mother.. I feel bad for barbara having to raise a child and deal wit yet a 20yr old that won't grow up and always starting problems.. props to barbara!!!


She is a white trash HO--she canot take care of her self-someone please save the poor child..Its all about Jace not YOU.


Thats good .she deserves her son jace back.i think she has changed alot.the only one who would start trouble with her is her mom barbe

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