Jason Trawick to Co-Run Britney Spears' Affairs

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Not only is Jason Trawick set to marry Britney Spears, he may soon take over for her father in maintaining legal control over her professional affairs.

E! News confirms that Spears' fiance has petitioned to be added by the court as the pop singer's co-conservator, along with her father Jamie Spears.

Jamie has held legal control over Britney since early 2008, when her downward spiral left her incapable of handling her finances or medical decisions.

Britney Spears, Jason Trawick at VMAs

Now Jason Trawick, Britney's former agent, will be added into the mix, but sources say he will only have control over her well-being, not her money.

Britney's father doesn't feel like Jason's treading on his toes or anything like that. In fact, he has been pushing for the court to give him the authority.

Some say this could be a sign that the couple's wedding is around the corner, but the mere fact that they're engaged may have triggered the move.

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the guy looks like a musketeer


Why doesn't BRITNEY have control over her own finances and well being?!? She's 30 years old, not 12.


Wait, wait, wait...It said in the article that he is asking the courts for some sort of provision for him to be able to "look out for her well being - not her finances". WHY do you need a court order to look out for her well being? Totally weird and I DO smell a skunk...Run Brittany, Run!


What bullshit. Are we still to believe she requires this much control? Conservatorship to avoid testimony and still get married more like it. That's BS too....just friggin' deal and and move on.


how creepy is he YUK


4 yrs and they still own her money! Thats crazy like anotha person said look lohan and she has complete control. how is this legal for such a long time? And bad idea to let bf be in charge. Srry i kno he may be a great guy and she loves him but i wudnt trust any guy that much except my father sooo she should just stick with the dad doing it. But seriously the court needs to give her control back unless theres way mre to this we dnt kno.


Tbh she had a break down we al understand what that's like and fir her to of had it in the public eye has now left her a child again, what 30 yr old woman who has a career or name like britney spears has a court say ok your daddy n bf have to control all u spend and all you do it seems humiliating.lindsqy lohan has done a lot worse and look no one does this for her seems fishy.


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Getting married is a personal decision about love. Even people with mental handicaps can make that decision. Dealing with money and medical decisions is completely different.


Getting marrier is a personal decision about love. Even people with mental handicaps can make that decision. Dealing with money and medical decisions is completely different.

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