Jason Trawick: Officially in Control of Britney Spears!

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Britney Spears' fiance Jason Trawick is officially her newest conservator, meaning he has the legal power to govern the pop star's financial, legal and medical affairs.

Britney's dad and conservator Jamie Spears filed the petition earlier this month, asking the court to add Jason as co-conservator. A judge agreed to the request.

Spears also wanted Jason, her former agent, on board as co-conservator.  

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick at the VMAs

After the hearing, Jamie was "thrilled," and the move makes total sense, since the two are set to be married. Spears and Trawick got engaged in December.

As co-conservator, Jason Trawick is now empowered to help decide how she will earn and spend her money, including the $15 million deal with The X Factor.

The reason for the conservatorship is that after her meltdowns of 2007-2008, a judge determined she lacked the capacity to make these decisions herself.

By setting up the conservatorship, the judge protected B from some of the leeches that surrounded her and put the power in Jamie's hands, and now Jason's.

Ridiculous as it all seems now, Spears could file papers to end the conservatorship altogether, but she has not done so. So it can't be all bad for her.

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If you haven't had a nervous breakdown how do you know, maybe this really is the best thing for her. Also, she seems like a family oriented girl I doubt that it bothers her much that her family has a say. Anyway she could call the whole thing off if she wanted to.


I feel sorry for her.
She has no control over her own money ..the money she worked so hard for not her father.
Now she is engaged and this guy takes over??????
A bad road ahead.!


well, it's not that long since her breakdown. i guess she doesn't trust herself enough just yet? it says she can put an end to the conservatorship any time she likes so i guess it's up to her to decide when she feels well enough.


wow, because of a meltdown she cant think for herself? Didnt this guy cheat on her a bunch of times? I thought guys liked independent women...

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