Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly Welcome Baby Girl!

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Jack Osbourne and fiancee Lisa Stelly, are new parents, having welcomed a daughter into the world. Congratulations on the arrival of their baby girl!

Her name: Pearl Osbourne arrived weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces, according to a Hello magazine tweet that was re-tweeted by Jack and then other sites.

"Well @lisamarstelly is supposed to give birth to our baby tomorrow," the 25-year-old father tweeted last week. Guess Pearl knew how to be fashionably late!

Jack Osbourne, Lisa Stelly

"Still pregnant," the 26-year-old new (but exasperated) mama tweeted Friday. "Apparently I made too lovely of a home int here! #overit #comeonbaby."

But at last, she made it.

"Thank you all so much for your congratulations but they realy [sic] should be gonig to @lisamarstelly & @mrjacko! I am one proud Auntie!" added his sister Kelly Osbourne.

"Today I witnessed my first grandchild being born, life changing experience," tweeted Jack's mother, Sharon Osbourne. "She is an angel."

Ozzy Osbourne has four other grandchildren, as well. Jack got engaged to Lisa Stelly in the fall of last year. Congratulations to all!


Who cares,they are happy,and that baby girl will be loved no matter what. Whats the wrong message???? Beacause you dont have a piece of PAPER saying MARRIED????? Times change,married or not married doesnt matter...if you are happy thats all that matters.


Why are couples having children out of wedlock? That really is sending the wrong message to younger people.


Ozzie has children and grandchildren from his first marriage...the one that Sharon broke up. Jack time to put a wedding ring on the finger. How come today these kids that live together for years or knock up their girl friends always say they are engaged. Back in the day you dated, got engaged, got married and then had a baby....and the engagement usually lasted a year cause the men back then were in the service or the war. Let's see if a marriage ever takes place here. Can't blame the kid....had a couple of whacko's for parents.


If this is Sharon's first grandchild, where does Ozzie get the first 4? Is Sharon not grandma to those children as well?

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