Ian Somerhalder on Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Casting: Bring It On!

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Ian Somerhalder is one of several stars talked about as a potentially great fit for Christian Grey in the upcoming film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.

He's leading THG's poll on the subject (below), as a matter of fact.

Asked about it on Ryan Seacrest's radio show Monday, The Vampire Diaries heart throb admitted he's heard the speculation about his casting, and approves.

Asked if he's interested in starring in the film, Ian said: “Potentially. I absolutely would be up for that. I have the book and I just started reading it."

"That would be a pretty incredible thing, and hopefully that could pan out. Yes, beyond the shadow of a doubt I think that would be a phenomenal opportunity!”

The best-selling book's protagonist, Anastasia Steele, and her troubled, controlling man, 27-year-old millionaire Christian Grey, will surely be sought-after roles.

What do you think? Should Ian play Christian?

Who would be the best fit among these stars?

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