Hollie Cavanagh Turns Up Her Tempo on American Idol

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American Idol was chock full of surprises last night.

Fans were treated to Skylar Laine slowing things down for once and singing a beautiful rendition of "Wind Beneath My Wings" to close the show, while Hollie Cavanagh took to the stage prior and went in the opposite direction.

Mixing up a performance from her usual ballads, Cavanagh went with "What a Feeling" from Flashdance and shook her booty right in front of the judges' table at one point. It was a welcome change, although it came across as a bit forced. Hollie didn't seem comfortable in her fringed dress, moving and shaking instead of just... singing.

What did you think?


Ya I see what u gays r saying I think the same thing hollie's great . As for amber get off the site u don't know what the hell your saying good bye.


The judges gave everybody praise and standing ovations except Holly. I mean at least make a good show that they're not blatantly trying to kick her off the show.


It's completely obvious that the judges favor Jessica and Josh and they don't want anyone who could possibly challenge them hanging around, i mean come on, Hollie can sing circles around Phil, Elise (who i actually happen to like) Skylar, and on any given night Colton and all of the other's who are already gone, yet she continues to get slammed by the judges each week, while someone like Phillip who sounds like he swallowed a bucket of sand keeps getting praised!!!! American Idol is continuing to lose it's credibility with this crap!


I love Hollie and her voice (she can't help it that she is only 5 feet tall). She can't seem to do anything right now in the eyes of the judges though. I thought she did fine last night.


The judges are so biased against Hollie, who has an amazing voice. She does what they suggest and they bash her for it. Hopefully the voters can see through their obvious bias for Joshua and Jessica and vote for Hollie.


I think Hollie is sweet and has a great set of pipes. The judges are trying to get to rid of her by way of indifference. Every time she performs I find I enjoy her singing, and judges are cold to her. It happens every year - usually with a female competitor. The judges try to sway the public's opinion. It's their right to do. And the public's right to ignore it. But often the lack of any sort of encouragement from the judges eventually wears down support. Too bad. It's shame to see her weather their indifference - but she does it with maturity.


Hollie seems like a nice kid, but to me she looks like she's 10 years old.....she has a nice enough voice, but i don't foresee her winning....she has no talent in the dancing department....is a dud....

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