Happy Sixth Birthday, Suri Cruise!

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Suri Cruise turns six today. Six!

She's officially too old for our celebrity babies section, which we continue to use anyway, because we're lazy and don't get a lot of celebrity toddlers search queries.

Still, SIX!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' only child (he has two adopted kids from his marriage to Nicole Kidman) Suri has been under a microscope since the day she was born and we thought she might not really exist. Ah, 2006 ... memories.

Anyway, enjoy some cute Suri Cruise pictures in honor of the special occasion, which also happens to be Kourtney Kardashian's birthday! Woo hoo!

Stylish Suri
Suri and Katie Picture
High Heeled
Suri With Katie
Suri Cruise: NOT Baby Gap Model
Dressed For the Weather
Suri and Katie in Brazil
Suri C. Pic

Happy birthday Suri Cruise. You are so cute


Happy birthday poppet. Enjoy your day and enjoy your youth. Have a good day, pet.


6 years old, huh? We haven't seen anything yet. Wait until Suri becomes a TOTAL TEENAGE DIVA!!! Tom and Katie have no idea what they're (parentally) in for...yet. LOL!!!!!


She is adorable!! But please stop carrying her around...let her walk


Suri looks a lot like Tom's sisters at that age but once they grew up, their good looks disappeared and they are just average looking.

Wv peach

Not a cute kid at all. Ick!!


She looks like such a brat! I can't imagine how bad it is...you can tell she runs everything.


Really you feel bad for all the cameras in her face? spare me her parents put her there. She is not even close to a princess not even in looks


Happy 6th birthday beautiful princess Suri


I'm surprised she can see straight -- with the paparrazi blaring their cameras in her face for 6 years. I feel sorry for the little girl. A child will grow up warped with THAT much attention. But best wishes to the little girl.

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Suri Cruise Biography

Suri Cruise: NOT Baby Gap Model
Yes, Suri Cruise exists. And sort of looks Asian! It wasn't a guarantee that the daughter of Tom Cruise was even real for awhile. Before... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Suri Cruise