Happy 30th Birthday, Kelly Clarkson!

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One of the most talented, down-to-Earth singers in the business celebrates a milestone birthday today.

That's right, the original American Idol is 30 years old. Can you believe Kelly Clarkson has been in our lives for so many years already?!?

The multiple-time award winner - Grammys... Billboards... American Music... you name it! - will anchor a new reality series this summer, crossing the country on Duets in search of the next big star. She also guest-mentored on The Voice a couple weeks ago.

Watch the following tribute to this vocal star and then send in your birthday wishes right now!


Hey kelly you are simply amazing. Have a happy, happy, birthday,

Cheryl becker

Wishing for you a very Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day!!!


Happy birthday Kelly your my favorite singer, so its only natural that we have the same birthday mine is April 24 1990


Happy Birthday Kelly!!


Happy Birthday Kelly!
We wish you the best in your life, you are a true artist and an amazing singer.

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