Giuliana and Bill Rancic Speak on Surrogate

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Giuliana and Bill Rancic, who have opened up about their struggle to have a child in the last few years, announced Monday that they're finally expecting a baby.

They've bonded with the woman who is making it happen, too.

"She is giving us the greatest gift we're ever getting in our lives," Giuliana, 37, says of the couple's surrogate, whose identity has not been revealed.

"She's selflessly helping make our dream a reality. We adore her."

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The gestational surrogate is carrying their child, but it will be their biological offspring. Giuliana's struggles to achieve a viable pregnancy are well documented.

Asked if they plan to stay in touch with the woman once their child is born, Bill says, "That will be up to her, but we are very grateful for what she's done."

"We intend to maintain a relationship with her."

The couple admit they were quite nervous about picking a surrogate before they met the woman they chose, but they clicked with her immediately.

"Once we met her it was an instinct," says Giuliana. "We could tell she was a great person." Bill adds that the Rancics attend her doctor's appointments:

"It's important to us to see the development and growth. At the end of the day, it's our baby. Genetically it's ours. It's our embryo. We feel very connected."

For now the parents-to-be are relishing keeping the baby's gender a secret – but they know, and may not be able to keep it for the duration of the pregnancy.

"When you do a reality show and host shows, it's hard to have secrets. Its nice to have something that only the two of us know for now," says Giuliana.

However, "Eventually we may tell people."


Wow some of the comments are so rude! How many unwanted pregnancies is there? Where is the love for the father of the amazing 9 months of pregnancy (personally I don't like being pregnant) yes it is a amazing experience to feel your baby kick and see it grow. But some people don't have that privilege. How many pain and hardship has Giuliana experience trying to have a baby? She has tried everything and now person deserves a baby more than her! Giuliana and Bill are such amazing beautiful people inside and out and will be amazing parents! Stop judging ! look at the teem moms getting famous for being pregnant and can't even look after their kids! (well not all of them)


wow, Unbella. Your comments are so insensitive and mean. You should be so thankful that you were able to carry your own child. Just because a couple can not have children the "old fashioned way" doesn't mean they are not meant to be parents. My husband and I adopted 2 wonderful children because I am not able to produce eggs. If I listened to your friend I would not have my children and we would have "gotten a dog". How sad that you don't understand these other wonderful ways of becoming a parent.


Unbella, your comments are not only insensitive, but they are weird. families are made a million and one different way and "making love" to the father and "feeling intense orgasms" are hardly the only way. again, weird.


Im so pleased for them. They are such beautiful people inside and out. I have no doubt they will be amazing parents. Its about time they had some happiness. What a woman to be a surrogate. Hope all goes well :-)


I am SO excited for them!!! I enjoy watching their show and understand the struggle of getting pregnant. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years. Umbrella, you are right that it is special to carry a child for nine months. HOWEVER, you obviously haven't had to feel the pain of trying to get pregnant and can't. I am sure they wanted a child to carry on their own more than anything, but it didn't happen for them. God has allowed them to have their own child through a surrogate. Oh well.....sometimes people of ignorance can't understand:)


Unbella- Your statements are VERY insensitive! Yes, I am sure there is something special about carrying a child. You are very lucky and blessed to have done that! It is because of people like you, that women like us (infertile) have such a hard time speaking about it in public. My husband told me he read about this and we couldn't be more excited for them!! I love to watch her shows, because she was SUCH a strong woman in this battle! So happy for them!


Unbella, you should thank God you were ABLE to carry your own child and then mind your own business. Clearly, they tried every avenue to carry their own child and it wasn't in their cards. I'm sure Giuliana is sad she can't carry herself to some extent. Its a shame there are arrogant and ignorant parents in this world. Your comments are both not to mention offensive. "Force" a child into life? Wow, termination is a huge debateable subject, but being against bringing a child and beautiful new soul to two deserving people who otherwise couldn't? Thats a new one. Giuliana and Bill will be fantastic parents!! CONGRATS!


Their entire history of trying to have a child is well documented -- with IVF, her miscarriage and battle with breast cancer. All of these have made it virtually impossible for her to conceive a child within her "viable time" because of her age and a waiting time (3-5 years) after cancer treatments. This is the most sensible way to have a child of their own. I congratulate them and wish them all the best!


theres really something special about carrying a child for 9 months, feeling the baby kick, enduring the emotional roller coaster ride, and making love to the father and feeling the intense orgasms. Thats really when the memories actually begin. Letting it all happen naturally is the way to go. I cant imagine having a child i never carried. It would be too wierd. Unless the child was adopted. I once heard from a friend who was adopted. She said: "get a dog" when referring to her parents. I still dont think its right to force a child into life. But im glad she made it through her cancer struggle and all.


I am so very happy for them!!!!!

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