College Student's Awesome Photo With President Obama Goes Viral

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University of Colorado student Madalyn Starkey posed for a photo with the President of the United States the other day ... possibly after a few too many drinks.

Traveling through Colorado Tuesday, Obama stopped in at a local pub known as The Sink, where the POTUS met many college students, including Starkey.

In the pic, Obama is grinning with his arm around her as the self-described "Professional Student" points her finger at the president in seeming disbelief:

Obama and College Student

Amid hundreds of shares and re-tweets, Starkey has been having fun with all the attention, saying "Woo, never knew a tweet could blow up like that. Neat!"

"Bet you wish you had taken me to prom now, huh?" she Tweeted at one follower.

The pic has taken off on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter ... almost as much as Obama slow jamming the news with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night.

Political views aside, needless to say, the Prez is the king of cool. Who wouldn't want to pose for a drunk photo with the guy and post it on Twitter?

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finally a pres.who acknowledges gays changes military law,who wants universal healthcare,who realizes the rich dont need help and appoints women justice jobs.


Socialism is great until you run out of other peoples money.
Margaret Thatcher This guy is a con artist and left wing liberals want to paint their masterpiece. He will have this country on its knees. He wants to turn the tables and create an economic turnover. He has a score to settle.


I love Obama. Job growth is up. The auto industry was saved. He got Osama. We're better off for it, and another four years of economic recovery beats being inder the nazi right wing nuts. I get her, I'd be in 7th heaven if he stopped at my college pub. Go Obama!!!!!


This guy is the Anti-Christ


Now this Goverment wants to make it illegal to use the word ILLEGAL! Obama wants to put Duck tape over the White Races mouth and create his own Dictatorship! This guy is poison. Look up " Agenda 21" this is who he is!


She's not drunk? Well then there is no excuse for her stupid behavior with the pathetic excuse for an elected offical. NO EXCUSE AT ALL!


This article is absurd. Im a student at CU. For one the sink isnt a pub... and for two shes not drunk. Fuck you.


Loser x 2


You would have to be drunk, to vote for Obama, for a second term.

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