George Zimmerman Raises $200K For Legal Defense

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George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watch volunteer accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, has raised at least $200,000 online to fund his defense.

Donors contributed "just over $200,000" on a website to help pay for the defense of Zimmerman, who was released on bail earlier this week, his lawyer said.

Mark O'Mara added that the site, therealgeorgezimmerman (dot) com, has since been shut down for unknown reasons and Zimmerman remains in hiding.

George Zimmerman Free on Bail

Zimmerman is living in an undisclosed location as he awaits trial on charges of second-degree murder in the February shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

The killing, which took place as Martin walked unarmed through a gated community in the central Florida town of Sanford, has gained national attention.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty and says he killed Martin in self defense. In a stunning move, he apologized to Martin's family at his bail hearing.

The sensational case has prompted civil rights protests and a national debate over guns, self-defense laws, racial profiling and media bias in America.

O'Mara told CNN that he would inform the judge in the case of the funds he has raised on Friday. No date has been set for his official arraignment.

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@no limit and kendra, black people is not the only race that be committing crime's. You all trying make it seem like we black american are a bunch of bad seeds. We'll if you want to go there no limit, what about Scott Peterson, and the guy in Georgia that who have been sent to prison for the killing of his girl-friend husban? Oh, they were white! There are plenty of white american who killed their whole damn family for stupid shit.


You've told me nothing Cookie! I ask a question and you throw one back! Whites murder their wives? You mean kind of like OJ? You bring nothing to the Q&A table but a .......... Appetite. I realize this Zim thing is a moment where you can take a break from the typical crime. Your refusal to not speak on a more common race crime topic speaks volumes.


@Cookie There's lots of cases I've read in the news of black on black crimes. Lots of black husbands/boyfriends killing their woman and kids. Just look at what the actress, Jennifer Hudson has had to endure with the current trial of the murderer who took out three of her family members. And your point is what here? The travesty is...there's black on white crimes...hate crimes that don't get the attention the Martin case is getting. You don't see the white folks in the street protesting these black on white crimes...with white preachers leading the charge. No "white" panthers out there demanding the death of the black perpetrator. 'Course the white folks don't have time for all this. They've gotta stay on the job so the protesting black community can continue cashin' in on the entitlement programs they are so addicted to..yeah. No time for those who support the other half of this country--sadly.


@No Limit, why is there always white on white crime? Why do some white american men always murder their wives and then buried them in the backyard? My thing is there always going to be other's race fighting their own people.


@Cookie...just this week the black on white crimes in the name of Trayvon have been reported in both Alabama and Chicago. No one's putting these on national news. Why? GZ was attacked by Trayvon. He can make a case of self-defense. When Alan Dershowitz, famed defense attorney and Harvard law prof. who helped defend OJ Simpson says the charges against GZ won't stick and he was over charged... it speaks volumes! The real issue? This needs to be tried in a court away from Sanford, Florida. And certainly NOT in the court of public opinion!


@Cookie- I am not saying GZ is innocent of everything. I am saying this is why we have a trial and a verdict. No one knows what happened that night accept GZ. The court room is not about the truth - its about what you can prove. Now answer my question/ what about this Black on Black/White crime? For someone with so many questions- surely you have an answer or 2?


@reality check, thank you for answering my question sweety. Oh to Kenya, thank you too for your honest answer. @Ignorance: why do you think Zimmerman is innocent? I think that Zimmerman is guitly in not following direction and using a gun on a un-armed kid. Too me, your comments tell me alot about you, two words: PLAIN IGNORANT.


Hey dip shit cookie! If I wanted to play Baseball I would bring a bat and ball! If I thought there might be an armed intruder I would bring a gun! A gun in the car is not doing you much good if your on foot- is it! Quit trying to split hairs! You already have him painted GUILtTY! Maybe you could get this excited about your own black on black crime! You are here with a Racual Overtone! Your not kidding anyone!


Cookie, in answer to your question, why did Zimmerman have a gun, the cops told him to get one. Before this happened there were problems with pitbulls. He was using pepper spray and the officer suugested he get a gun. He went through the class and carried concealed. The cops knew he took his gun while making his neighborhood watch rounds. If you want to read for yourself, I will tell you the link. You can read it for yourself.


@Kenya, the word bitch was not meant for you honey. My comment was leading for no#7 ignorance, for his outrage of a comment. My question was to no#7 and the rest of other's dumb remark's on this site. Why did Zimmerman had a gun with him? Here is the thing that I and other's people don't get. If you want to protect the neighborhood, call the police and follow direction without taking matter's into your own hands. Zimmerman was no hero, he was a straight fool for causing problems without knowing the caution behind it. Do I feel bad for Zimmerman? Yes I do. But he should of listen to the police and stayed clear.