George Zimmerman Raises $200K For Legal Defense

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George Zimmerman, the former neighborhood watch volunteer accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, has raised at least $200,000 online to fund his defense.

Donors contributed "just over $200,000" on a website to help pay for the defense of Zimmerman, who was released on bail earlier this week, his lawyer said.

Mark O'Mara added that the site, therealgeorgezimmerman (dot) com, has since been shut down for unknown reasons and Zimmerman remains in hiding.

George Zimmerman Free on Bail

Zimmerman is living in an undisclosed location as he awaits trial on charges of second-degree murder in the February shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

The killing, which took place as Martin walked unarmed through a gated community in the central Florida town of Sanford, has gained national attention.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty and says he killed Martin in self defense. In a stunning move, he apologized to Martin's family at his bail hearing.

The sensational case has prompted civil rights protests and a national debate over guns, self-defense laws, racial profiling and media bias in America.

O'Mara told CNN that he would inform the judge in the case of the funds he has raised on Friday. No date has been set for his official arraignment.


Cookie: Stop feeding the troll("s") !!!


The Black Panthers are nobody! Talk Talk Talk! I will give to Zimmermans fund and who gives a damn about how much money he has. What does this have to do with this frame job they saddled him with.


@Percussion That's why we all need to protest and picket every day of that trial once it's started and hold the court's feet to the fire by demanding justice. 'Course we'll probably have to defend ourselves against the Black Panthers and other agitating people of color, but oh well. Time to take a stand....and STAND YOUR GROUND even outside a courthouse. The day has finally arrived.


He will not walk on a manslaughter charge. The jury will be biased and feel the need to punish him. The media will have information on who sat on that jury. That jury will fear a price will be put on their collective heads by the black panthers after the verdict is read. You can see the injustice that Zimmerman faced with absolutely no consequences to the black panthers. What about justice for Zimmerman?


There are plenty black on black crimes as well as white on white..but I will say the media and black people made this a race issue. Whites don't go making threats to riot if a black man kills a white man. Trayvon didn't deserve to die at all, but this is getting ridiculous..I do believe he will get away with it because of the media screwing up the whole story and the stand your ground law. They need to do some serious fixing on that law..but because of it he is likely to win.


How did I miss this info? He actually lied to his lawyer about how much money he had? Why? Thats just beyond dumb and now the judge will have to reaccess bail. Hes like a male Sarah Palin. I bet he is already trying to get a reality show off of this mess. He makes me laugh so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok then No Limit, I'm done too!


As I said- you don't get it- I'm done.


@Kendra and No Limit, what about the white guy that was going from state to state killing people for no damn reason. And another thing, about 15yrs ago if I can remember, a actor was sent to prison for the killing of his ex/girl-friend. look! I might not no their names but, I can keep going on with this all night if I have to. If you all don't know what I'm talking about, we'll I suggest that you all go google it asap.


Just don't get it do ya. You are so entrenched in the self serving vigilantism of seeing Zimmerman go down you have lost all memory of how it all got started. YOUR BLACK RACE MADE THIS INTO A RACE CRIME IN THE BEGINNING! You are a strange breed of people. Constantly going in a circle. Never stopping to look in the mirror. Wondering when all people will come to their senses. You continue to fight battles that are over. I have given you more time than you are worth. I am done.

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