George Zimmerman Appears in Court; Affidavit Outlines Probable Cause For Murder Charge

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George Zimmerman made his first court appearance since being officially charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

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    @tequila, you have a good point too and I have learn to ignore that jerk Reed. I don't understand why a guy would want that much of attention from people off this website. Clearly, he still having problems finding his little penis.


    @ bubblegum.- I see what you mean. after turning the pages people obviously are posing as someone else. talk about stooges.


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    Brian: Here's to you dude. Finally someone intelligent!
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    i think it sucks that the entire black community wants this hispanic guy whacked when the facts of the case haven't even been presented yet. it sounds like zimmerman was defending himself from what he considered another thug. sounds like yrayvon started the fight and believing he was armed, zimmerman defended himself, pure and simple. i bet zimmerman will be found not guilty, and florida will have another outpouring of rioting like during the rodney king mess (who is another black thug).


    @ Hey Reed, go fuck urself!!!!


    Neci- I hope you are nice tomorrow. You really really really need to be nice.

    PS- its user- a Usher is what you waste your money on at a concert! Not kidding- be nice!

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