George Zimmerman Apologizes to Trayvon Martin's Family; Bail Set at $150,000

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A judge granted bail for George Zimmerman at a hearing in Florida today, during which the defendant apologized to the family of Trayvon Martin.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester set bail at $150,000, but would not allow his release immediately, citing further discussions needed about the terms.

Lester said that Zimmerman must not contact the victim's family; must wear an ankle monitoring bracelet; and adhere to a 7 p.m.-6 a.m. curfew.

The hearing took place just a few hours after the release of a bloody photo of George Zimmerman's head taken the night of the now-infamous altercation.

Some say the photo could bolster his claim that Martin was the aggressor that night, and that he shot the teenager as an act of self-defense.

In any case, the presumption of innocence was enough to earn Zimmerman bail.

The judge's order also states that Zimmerman cannot be in possession of any firearms and must not consume alcohol or controlled substances.

Taking the stand briefly at the Seminole County Criminal Justice Center, Zimmerman addressed the parents of Martin, who were seated in court.

"I wanted to say that I am sorry for the loss of your son," he said.

"I did not know how old he was," he continued. "I thought he was a little bit younger than I am. And I did not know whether he was armed or not."

Zimmerman said he had made a similar statement to police.

"I was told not to communicate with [Martin's parents]," said the 28-year-old, who was charged with second-degree murder in the February 26 shooting.

"I did ask [my attorneys] to express that to them."

Zimmerman has been behind bars since his arrest nine days ago. His attorney, Mark O'Mara, asked the judge to let him out of jail while he awaits trial.

O'Mara also asked the judge to allow Zimmerman to leave the state while wearing a GPS bracelet, and to keep his location confidential to secure his safety.

The judge said he will consider those requests before granting the release of Zimmerman, who will almost certainly plead not guilty in the case.

Martin's parents were in the courtroom, coming face-to-face with their 17-year-old's killer for the first time. They wept at news of the bond.

After the hearing, Martin family attorney Ben Crump said Martin's parents were "very outraged" at the results of the hearing. He said:

"It was devastating that [Zimmerman] got to give a self-serving apology to help get him a bond. Why is everybody protecting George Zimmerman?"


Gz's family used 5K of the donation money to bond him out. And no one thought to mention the rest? Instead they pretended they were in financial straits? I think the whole family is dishonest.


"Georgie boy...that's funny. Hahaha!


I agree, stupid move on his part. If I set up a defense fund/paypal account - I know that either myself or family would be checking it the balance daily. If anything, just it would be out of curiosity. I hope his has a good reason why it wasnt disclosed. I hope he doesnt insult the judges intelligence by saying that he didnt know how much money was in the accounts. I'll admit, if he gets caught lieng about this, then I would change my position. I mean, if he lied about this, what else did he lie about? Bad move Georgie boy..


The more I think about GZ's behavior the more concerned I am 4 public safety. 4get about his past record 4 the moment. He ignored HOA protocol creating liability 4 the organization; he ignored the 911 disp, with catastrophic results; and now he has ignored the rules of honest disclosure in his bond hearing. I didn't consider him dangerous 2 the community so I didn't object 2 bail. I'm not so sure now...


Another lie. One by omission. Didn't disclose that he had over 200K. Humph....I wonder what evidence the Prosecuter's Office has that has yet 2 b revealed 2 us. Wait for it.


Dre, you are right. Its sad that the MArtins have only rasied that much. Sharpton and Jackson should go hold rallies in Chicago to help with the numbers of murdes occuring there everyday. I think they first need to see a few things before they would go: 1) Media attention
2) Money making oppurtunity
3) The killer or killers of black people need to be white
4) Most importantly....See number one


What's wrong with stereotyping? If u look like a thug I'll treat u like one no matter what color. I'll teach my kids to stereotype to to help keep them safe! Not all bad people look like like it but a lot of them do and why would you dress like a thug unless you wanted to be stereotyped???




Oh, and Zimmermans site has been up only over a week. Trayvons was up since day one.


Travons Foundation has raised $26,342.70. George Zimmerman has raised $204,000. What does that tell you?

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