Genevieve Sabourin: Arrested For Stalking Alec Baldwin!

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Genevieve Sabourin, a 40-year-old actress from Montreal, Quebec, has been arrested for her alleged aggravated harassment and stalking of Alec Baldwin.

After repeated warnings to leave the actor alone, Police say she showed up at his home and "made" unwanted contact with the 30 Rock star again.

The one-sided relationship began in the form of romantic emails and text messages, as well as requests for financial help ... then got even weirder.

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Alec Baldwin, Cigar

On March 31, 2012, the 54-year-old actor filed an official complaint against her after Sabourin showed up at his home in East Hampton, Long Island.

Days later, she trailed Baldwin at an event and was finally apprehended after trying to access his Manhattan home via the doorman. That worked well.

We realize she may be jealous that Alec got engaged to Halaria Thomas and all, but seriously. Cool it. Chill out. And don't mess with Jack Donaghy.

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And remember this bitch is 40!!!! This ain't no green teen who's had her heart shattered by the nasty world for the first time. What right does she have to stick out her hand for financial assistance from someone even if they are aquainted??????? If there was an encounter there was no doubt the intention to bleed him after the fact like most bitches do nowadays. That would save her getting a real job and being responsible. I cant believe how stupid people are who post on these forums. Because she's attractive that means she's innocent of all wrong and because he's old and unattractive male that is enough to paint him wrong??? He could pay for an hour for a better looking and less nutty bitch than her.


There are plenty of nutjob females out there who feel there entitled to whatever because they have a 'connection' to certain celebrity. Maybe they did have an encounter. If they did it's finished and he doesnt want a bar of you so get over it. I'm sick of females who think they can suck the life out of a guy just because they rock and rolled a few times. If she was any kind of good actress she would be earning her own keep. Loser


One has to wonder what went on between them that she felt comfortable enough to ask for financial help. Stalker? Perhaps...though I don't think we're getting quite the whole story!!


yuck!! if she was gonna stalk a famous person why did she pick his old ugly ass? He obviously humped then dumped her. What an asshole


Shes too cute for him. Alec is an old over the hill "has been" He should feel glad a beautiful psycho stalked instead of a fat ugly one. What a doosh-bag.


This is an easy one. He hit it and quit it, while she was saw dollar signs($$$). Now she wants compensation.


I'm surprised that Alec didn't call this Genevieve chick "a rude and thoughtless little pig"...LOL!!!!!


Pinche bato tan culo, puto, Mejor me la hubieras mandado para hacerle un buen jale... aki no arrestamos por eso a las morras, nos las cogemos...


Very beautiful woman!! He's such an idiot it's beyond words to describe it. Every woman he gets close to is raked over the fiery coals. Sheesh, man!! Chill, willya!!


All I can say about this is WHY??? He is so gross, and by the looks of her picture, she is pretty. Why would she waste her time on such a discusting man? I guess just because someone is pretty doesn't mean they don't have mental illness. That has to be the explanation!

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