Gavin DeGraw on Dancing With the Stars Elimination: The Right Call!

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Gavin DeGraw, who had found himself in the bottom two every week but one, seemed resigned to his fate on Tuesday's Dancing With the Stars results show.

He singer predicted Monday that "Tomorrow we will be in the duel," referring to the new twist in which the bottom two engage in a "dance duel" for survival.

The judges then decide who will be eliminated, giving the show some wiggle room to retain cast members it prefers. In last night's case, it was unanimous.

Len, Bruno and Carrie Ann all chose to spare Jaleel White over Gavin after the two did a cha-cha, and DeGraw was hardly complaining about their decision.

"Jaleel's more talented than I am," a good-natured Gavin noted before they faced off, anticipating the result. Smiling in defeat, he said: "It's been amazing."

"My family got to have a great time. We reunited in a lot of ways," he added, noting that he was grateful just to be a part of the ABC hit's 14th season.

Now that's a classy exit after a five-week run. Gotta hand it to him for lasting that long. With the DWTS field now down to eight, who do you think will win?


The new format for elimination has sadly been changed. Fans should get 50% of the say about who leaves, otherwise, what is the point of having fan votes at all. Fans vote on who they want to continue watching and that was a big part of what made the show interesting. I've watched all of the shows so far and although some dancers were eliminated earlier than other 'not as good' dancers, in the end, I think the top dancer always won. This change is a way for either the judges or producers to manipulate who gets to stay. It's an insult to the opinions and desires of fans. Please change elimination rules back to the original.

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