Friends of Taylor Armstrong Push for Rehab

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Taylor Armstrong has a drinking problem that her friends believe should lead this reality star into rehab, and we know what you're thinking:

Taylor Armstrong has friends?!?

Taylor Armstrong, Daughter

Kennedy Armstrong is as cute as her mom is awful.

Apparently, or else Radar Online is simply making up sources, which seems unimaginable.

According to that site, producers plan to address Taylor's reliance on alcohol on the show's new season, which started shooting last week.

"The fellow Housewives feel that Taylor needs to go to rehab to learn how to cope with the pressures of life without alcohol or any other substances," says an insider. "Taylor is in denial that she has a problem with booze."

A contributing factor to Armstrong's hesitation to seek help? She does not want jeopardize a $100,000 endorsement deal with Ciroc Vodka.

Aside from exploiting her alleged addiction, Bravo doesn't have grand plans for Taylor on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She will be likely be phased out, this mole claims, due to a lack of an "interesting hook."

"Everyone's concerned that without the marriage drama she's just going to come across as dull. It's unlikely that she's going to be able to start publicly dating again so soon after Russell's death and with her money troubles she's unlikely to be leading any kind of aspirational lifestyle."


I feel so bad for the little girl, she looks like her mom does not feed her well. Look at the little girls eyes they are looking pretty hungry to me.

Wv peach

Ick!! Taylor's face is a nightmare! She needs to wear a burqua to hide that ghoulish grin.


she looks like she is in her fiftys at least


I noticed that there were no comments on Taylor's happenings and I was not surprised. She is a very ill individual. Yes, there were marital problems BUT also I saw many other problems surface as I was an every week watcher. Her child hopefully will never see this horrible picture of she and her mom on this site today. It is more than scary, it is frightful even to me!!! I think that her vices are many. She is a liar and a user of persons. Maybe stems from childhood. My life as billions of others in the world, was maybe worse than hers. We live in the present and we strive for a future we once only dreamed of absent from drugs and acolhol and blaming the past!!!!! Sue

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