Francis Lawrence Named Director of Catching Fire

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As it heads into what Lionsgate hopes will be its fifth consecutive weekend atop the box office, The Hunger Games franchise has tapped a new director to helm next year's sequel.

A week after Gary Ross dropped out from the role, Entertainment Weekly confirms that Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend) will helm the wildly anticipated Catching Fire, which hits theaters on November 22, 2013.

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Catching Fire Novel

Sources say Lawrence was chosen because Catching Fire features even more sweeping, exotic sets and scenes than its predecessor and he's known for making these comes to life with a sense of style.

In less than one month, The Hunger Games has earned over $530 million internationally. So the bar is set high, Catching Fire. May the odds be ever in your favor!


"I've had SO many friends pesirursng me to read this book that it's quite insane."Same here ! Except I still haven't started it, it's waiting in my TBR Pile. Didn't want to read it so far because it reminded me of Battle Royal, a movie I didn't like. But anyway, I think I don't really have the choice, and am almost certain that I will like it so.. ^^Hope I'll like it as much as you did !


I have read the all of the hunger games books.....thank u Suzan Collins .i ones read till 4:15...I started at 9:00.
This is the best series I have read.i LOVE the hunger games cast. Chosen EXSTREEMLY well.i even asked my dad
If I could meet the cast for my b-day but we don't have the money for that.if I could choose between Peeta or Gale
I would choose both.gale: is smart,hunts well, hot, loves katniss,and knows how to servive...but Peeta :is smart ,hot,and really cares and loves Katniss.


I am really passionate about The Hunger Games series so I hope Francis Lawerence does it right!!


Love the movie I Am Ledgend, great movie! So we will be counting on you Francis Lawerence!

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