Etan Patz Case Reopened After 33 Years

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Etan Patz was the first-ever missing child to appear on a milk carton.

That was May 25, 1979, and his case has been reopened in 2012.

The six-year-old boy who went missing from the Soho area of New York City is back in the news after police and the FBI are investigating a possible new lead.

A tip apparently has led officials to the basement of a building on the corner of Prince and Wooster streets, about a block and a half from where Etan had lived.

The name Etan Patz has become a trending topic on Twitter as people weigh in on the tragic case, in which Etan vanished on his way to the bus stop one day.

Stuart GraBois, as an assistant U.S. attorney under Rudolph Giuliani, has pursued the case for years. It became the most famous missing-person case in NYC.

Prompting a nationwide spotlight on missing children, and generating headlines around the globe, it was unable to result in a conviction, however. Until now?

It's premature, but new evidence suggests another suspect: a local handyman named Othniel Miller, who gave Etan $1 for helping him the night before.

Investigators plan to be at the site, 127 B Prince St., which is now a Lucky Brand jeans store, for the next two to three days to search for human remains.

The man's name had come up in an earlier investigation, but he was a friend of the Patz family who lived nearby, and the NYPD did not follow the lead.

The case initially pointed to a suspect, convicted child molester Julio Antonio Ramos, who is currently in prison. Patz's babysitter had been dating the man.

Ramos did know the kid, but has denied abducting him.

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I hope Etan's family gets the closure they have been seeking for 30+ yrs.