Emily Maynard: The Bachelorette Portrait Revealed!

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Ready to fall in love again?

The new season of The Bachelorette is just one month away, with Emily Maynard ready to dole out the roses beginning May 14. To mark the occasion, ABC has released the first promotional poster and photo featuring the star.

Check out both Emily Maynard pictures below:

Emily Maynard: The Bachelorette Portrait!
Emily Maynard: The Bachelorette!

Unfortunately (and obviously), her relationship with Brad Womack ended, and along with it, the dream of moving on and starting a new family with daughter Ricki.

But when one door closes, another opens, and now that she's the one handing out roles on ABC's hit show, she's ready to seek love she richly deserves yet again.

Let the new round of summer guilty pleasure viewing, wine guzzling, drama contriving and general disregard for dating etiquette and sometimes human decency begin!

Emily Maynard: Good choice for The Bachelorette?

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I'm just a little confused! When she was on the bachelor she claimed she was ready for love, marriage...the whole toot but then when push came to shove she turned down Brads' proposal!!!!????????
I'm not hating on her I'm just curious!
What makes her ready now....when she was ready last year?
Somebody give me Brads contact :-)


Phony accent? She is from WEST VIRGINIA you morons! She had money WAY before the Hendricks came into the picture. I lived with her and she is sweet, kind, and stunning. Everyone who says negative things about her are just insecure and jealous. This girl is a friend - i hope she finds a man who sees the real emily! Go EM!


was at Martinsville the day Emily lost her family...... So sad, she was only a teenager. Give her a break. "just for fame and money???'Being kept by the Hendricks??? Dah Ricki is their granddaughter. Green eyed monster is coming out in alot of people!!!


I was there at the track the day Emily lost her family..... Give her a break. How do all of you know she is just after money and fame? Being kept by the Hendricks family??? Phoney accent?? Put your green eyes of envy back in your heads.


don't like her either. She is the same as Ali, just want the fame. This woman are not looking for love at all. All they want is the fame and money. Feel sorry for the man that are really looking for love and this woman only use them to get their fame. I wish they would get rid of this show.


I don't like Emily.....she is way tooooo phoney.....from the roots of her bleached blond hair to the implants, botox and all other do overs. Not to mention that phoney accent.... She is looking for more money (as if being kept by the race car family isn't enough money).....Really disappointed to see her as The B......Feel sorry for any of the bachelors that get run over by her.....She won't find love....she is too self indulged.


Obviously it didn't work out for her the first time . . . I really think this is just a ploy for more fame (and of course money). Yes, she seemed like a really sweet and genuine person, but I also thought that she was smarter than this . . .


LOVE HER! She is gorgeous and sweet all around. Can't wait to watch an old friend on TV again! Go EM!


There is so much amazing brunetes for god sake...


hopefully she finds love and it last...hard to find love on tv...

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Emily Maynard is a contestant on The Bachelor. She is vying for the heart of Brad Womack here in Season 15. Emily was the former fiancee... More »
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