Ellen Reads From Fifty Shades of Grey, is Mortified

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The erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey is creating major buzz lately after the movie rights were optioned, sparking speculation over who will play its sexy leads.

Its content is so racy - often described as "mommy porn" - that it's hard to imagine Fifty Shades on film ... or even as an audiobook. Especially after this.

If you've read it, you know how awkward it would be to read some of the salacious scenes aloud. Which is why Ellen DeGeneres decided to demonstrate this.

The premise of this hilarious skit is that Ellen was asked to record the audiobook version of EL James' work. It starts out in familiar territory, but after that ...

Several big names, including Ian Somerhalder, have been rumored for the film, which has not yet cast leads for what will undoubtedly be highly sought-after roles.

Tell us who should play Christian and Anastasia by voting below ...

Which star do you think should play Christian?

Which star do you think should play Anastasia?


Woody Allen and Tina Fey. Dame Judi Dench as "Mrs. Robinson."


Nina Dobrev & Alex Pettyfer would make a perfect match for Christian and Ana... Both totally sexy and with definite looks to what the book portrays.


Chris Evans and Emmy Rossum.


Tatum Channing!hello?


Alex o'loughlin or Henry cavill! Hot! Emma stone for Ana...awkward but can be sexy.


I think Alex O'Laughlin would be a great Christian


Considering that these books were originally twilight fan fiction, it would only make sense to cast rob and Kristen. However, I think they should stick with being Bella and Edward and cast people with similar acting styles.


rob and kristen!


How about Cameron Mathison? I think he would be great as Christian Grey!!!!!


I think it should be Ian, he has the hair, the jaw line and the smoulder down to a tee!! Reading the book he is exactly who I see. I am not totally sure about Ana though I choose Jennifer, as she pulls off plain beauty. Can't wait for the movies!!!

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