Elise Testone on American Idol Elimination: Shocking!

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Elise Testone didn't see it coming.

The 28-year old crooner told reporters, soon after her elimination from American Idol last night, that she felt "completely successful... in every aspect" with her rendition of Jimi Hendrix's "Bold as Love" and was surprised when she heard her name called by Ryan Seacrest.

Still: "I accepted what happened to me as soon as it happened,” she said. “I just thought, ‘What’s next? What am I going to do now?’”

But while Testone looks to the future, she does have something to say about the past; namely, the judges' critiques.

"Some things [the judges] say don't line up with what I feel I've learned on my own," Testone said. "I don't always feel like [their feedback] was helpful. I'm not saying I'm the best. I don't think for the most part it always made sense."

Fair enough. And what does she have planned next?

"I'm going to reach out to everyone. [Queen's] Brian May and I are pretty much best friends now, so we're going to hang out. Ellen [DeGeneres], we're pretty much homegirls. I haven't met her yet, but she tweeted me and said she loves me."

What do you think, Idol viewers? Do you agree with Elise's ousting?


Elise has the best voice that i have ever heard on Idol.With more range and control than most of the current "stars".She walked the stage with beauty and grace,didn't dress like a stripper,she let her talent do the speaking.She didnt bow to the judges because not one of them can sing as well as she can and they all know it.Her only mistake was to over sing some of the songs.She is confident in her self that doesnt make her a bitch.With her looks and voice she will be a star in no time I stopped watching when she left,glad Philip won.He didnt have as much talent but Philip and Elise were the only ones that were honest and stayed true to themselves.hang in there Elise I cant wait to see what you do next


I agree 100% with you Coleen! I recorded all the shows and only so that I can keep listening to and watching Elise. You are fabulous Elise ... but, smile more.


Joshua is the only remaining talent...


I looked forward to watching each week to see what Elise was going to sing. Now that she's gone, it's kind of boring to watch... Hopefully she gets her big break! I wish her tons of success!. She definitely deserves it and is very talented!!!!!


Elise shouldn't have even been in the top 24, so I found it amazing that there were enough idiot American's that voted for her to keep her crappy "singing" around as long as she did. Now, if only we could get rid of Joshua.


Elise was my favorite going into the show. Sometimes she hit it out of the park but other times she struck out. I voted for her anyway to keep her on so she could hit more home runs. Then when Ryan asked her if she thought Jimmy's critiques were more harsh towards her and she said yes, maybe because she was older. I cringed. Elise, even as a big fan of yours, Jimmy's comments were spot on. You needed help finding your sweet spot each week. Here you had one of the most prolific producers, one who was successful before you were even born, trying to help you hit home runs EVERY time but you were too blind to get what he (and the other judges) were saying. After that I stopped voting for her. There just wasn't enough consistency and someone other than her deserved to win. Tragic, because her style was right up my alley.


Elise was my fave... she is original and has an awesome way of interpreting songs. Definitely more impressive vocals if you have a musically trained ear (unless you prefer the cookie cutter type of vocals that we've all heard before)
Sophisticated, musically savvy people get her.
She is going places. Enjoy the ride, Elise. You deserve it


I never liked her. She seems like she definitely has some major (personality) issues. She was never happy for any of the other contestants, never took criticism well, and it also says a lot if she has to follow everything she says with a laugh. She seems like a b**** and not a very nice or genuine person at all.


liz gabby and lala are backsides

Carol worth

Don't know why anyone wouldn't "get" Elise. She can sing the socks of of anything! Will miss her! ~0:'-/

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