Did Adele Get a Nose Job?

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Adele nose job rumors have been running rampant online.

We don't know if she's gotten one or not, and Ashley Judd would be pissed that we're even asking, but photos that suggest she may have had work done.

The 23-year-old singer may be quite comfortable in her own skin, but she may have also changed one of her features. We're not judging, just saying.

Check out these Adele photos from 2012 and 2008 ...

Adele Nose Job Photo?
Old Adele Photo

It could be that the British fan favorite simply lost weight, which clearly is the case over the past 3-4 years, and her nose looks more slender as a result.

Or not. Some surgeons say the tip is more defined, which indicates reshaping the lower cartilage of the nose by reducing its width and repositioning it.

She's made a name for herself on talent either way, and isn't about to lose any fans regardless of whether she had work done. But it makes you wonder.

What do you think of Adele's new look? Do you think she got plastic surgery? Does Adele look better or worse? Does it even matter?


She's naturally pretty anyway... Looks like a nose job AND teeth... No one has teeth like that! She's the biggest star in the world now, she looks like a movie star. Good for her, will always be an addicted fan!


Who cares about her nose. She will always be sensational you know why?...She was born on " Cinco de Mayo "!!!!!!!!!! Long live Adele!!!


I know for a fact that her nose looks different 'cause the weight loss. I've been there myself. She is beautifull anyway!!!


Adele is fantastic regardless how she looks


What's the point if she did she's famous for singing not looking perfect all the time it's still Adel and I still love her x


Nose job. Care NOT.


She lost a lot of weight hence her wonderfully shaped nose!!!!


I don't think so... her face has been made up differently in the more recent photo. Make up artists often use shade around your nose to make it look narrower.


Who cares. It is her amazing voice that counts.


i don't think she got nose job..maybe it's just because of losing weight or make up..

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