Demi Lovato Without Makeup: Revealed on Twitter!

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She's preached it ever since her trip to rehab: it's what inside that counts. It's the real you that matters.

And now Demi Lovato has put that philosophy into practice, posting a photo on Twitter of herself makeup-free, a rarity for celebrities. (Lady Gaga went a similar route late last month). Take a look for yourself:

Demi Lovato Without Makeup

"I'm not always perfectly happy with my body," Lovato said in a recent interview with WE7. "After all, I'm a woman and what woman is? But I make sure I tell myself that I'm beautiful and I tell myself daily affirmations, so I would recommend that to younger girls - and guys."

What do you think of Demi's all natural look? Weigh in now and don't forget to watch her official music video for "Give Your Heart a Break."

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Hate her if she still looks amazing with out makeup!!!!!!!!!!!! lol


she is beautiful


Oh please! She's a gorgeous young woman with perfect skin bc she takes care of it. She's still very young. Go Demi! Forget the haters :)


She is ugly as fuck!!!!!!!!!!!


For everyone saying she has to be wearing makeup, you're ridiculous. My cousin's lips are so perfectly shaded she's looked like she's been wearing lipstick since she was born. Her cheeks are always rosy, also. I'm not a Demi fan, but don't hate because she's beautiful without makeup.


I'm sure she looks fine without make-up, but this is not a sans make up pic...every girl knows to look that natural and glowing your wearing make up. Her cheeks are rosy, so are her lips and she has an airbrushed complexion...she's not being very honest with herself or her public.


She is beautiful with or without make-up. It's whats inside that counts,just be true to yourself.....;0)


She's a beautiful girl with or without makeup, but she is clearly wearing makeup in this pic! At minimum, she's wearing foundation, blush, and some sort of lip stain. Let's just keep it real...don't pretend she is "makeup free" when that's not the case.


She is so beautiful without makeup!!!!


She looks beautiful. Good for her for putting out such a positive message.