Dayana Mendoza Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Dayana Mendoza's luck finally ran out this week on Celebrity Apprentice.

A current six-time boardroom veteran and one-time target of Lisa Lampanelli racial slurs, Dayana took charge as Team Forte's project manager this week.

Arsenio Hall stepped forward and led Team Unanimous to victory.

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Dayana was in trouble from the start, as Clay Aiken took over the creative process and Lisa was just ... being Lisa. She threw a tantrum and stormed out.

On the plus side, Clay and Lisa bonded over their collective frustrations with Dayana.

Arsenio and Aubrey O'Day exchanged many evil looks, meanwhile, but Aubs' "Hollaback Girl" cheerleader theme for the song won out ... and won the task.

O'Day dominated the spotlight and discounted her teammates in the process, but when you win, the charity getting the prize money won't be complaining.

In the boardroom, Lisa and Clay threw Dayana under the bus, and after so many close shaves this spring, The Donald sort of reluctantly sent her packing.

Were you surprised to see Dayana go? Did she deserve it?


Get rid of that Lisa.she is no good and not funny


I only watch CA to see real-life character of 'celebs'. It's true, on that task Dayana was out of her element but in her desperation to show that she does have a brain that she let it interfere with the way she should have played it. Dayana has class that Lamps can't even dream of! The only way I'd pay money to see Lisa or Aubrey is if they were being run out of ANY town. What arrogant, loud mouthed beatches they both are. But I guess that's the toilet their fans throw money into? The winners on this show are Trump, the charities and companies that sign on to get their products noticed (+advertising write offs, charitable donations). You better believe the donald knew that would be a draw to get celebs(?) behaving badly.


YES she's an idiot!!

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