Dayana Mendoza Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Dayana Mendoza's luck finally ran out this week on Celebrity Apprentice.

A current six-time boardroom veteran and one-time target of Lisa Lampanelli racial slurs, Dayana took charge as Team Forte's project manager this week.

Arsenio Hall stepped forward and led Team Unanimous to victory.

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Dayana was in trouble from the start, as Clay Aiken took over the creative process and Lisa was just ... being Lisa. She threw a tantrum and stormed out.

On the plus side, Clay and Lisa bonded over their collective frustrations with Dayana.

Arsenio and Aubrey O'Day exchanged many evil looks, meanwhile, but Aubs' "Hollaback Girl" cheerleader theme for the song won out ... and won the task.

O'Day dominated the spotlight and discounted her teammates in the process, but when you win, the charity getting the prize money won't be complaining.

In the boardroom, Lisa and Clay threw Dayana under the bus, and after so many close shaves this spring, The Donald sort of reluctantly sent her packing.

Were you surprised to see Dayana go? Did she deserve it?


Lisa said the show was not celebrity universe. She is right! With Lisa, Aubrey, and Clay tasteless, snotty personas on the show, it is clearly......Celebrity CIRCUS!


Lisa is just jealous of how GORGEOUS Dayana is. 3 years ago, Dayana couldn't even speak English, learning a whole nother language is intelligent in my book. Trump should have fired LISA! And maybe the two celebs getting the boot next week will be Aubrey, and Lisa.


At this point, I don't care who wins Celebrity long as that whiny-ass Aubrey DOESN'T win!!!!! Aubrey is nothing but a self-centered and limelight stealing B-I-T-C-H!!!!! This coming Sunday night, Mr. Trump is supposed to be firing 2 more celebrities. With that said, I wish that he would fire Aubrey NEXT. LOL!!!!! PEACE!!!!!!!


Granted Lisa Lampanelli is not an attractive woman, and anyone could see that she was jealous of that Dayana...but she's not entirely wrong....i have been watching celebrity apprentice since day one, and this chic Dayana has gotten on my last nerve...she is very beautiful, granted, but really is a dumb ass...she's very annoying, and i don't blame Lisa or Clay for the way they acted towards her....Her english was disgusting....get out of the country, if you can't speak good, and stop making an ass out of youself...she's just an annoying bitch, and i for one am glad she's gone.....nuff said....


any respect I once had for Lisa and Clay is now gone.
I cant remember a season of Celebrity Apprentice with so many arrogant, over bearing, self-important D-listers.
Only a few (Dee, Penn, Arsenio) would be able to hold down a job in real life where theyd have to control their massive egos.


Lisa is a big fat slug. She is so rude and crude. Just a little bit jealous of Dayana...HaHa Dayana has grace and dignity and she had my vote.
Aubrey..OMG..Dump her...She and Clay Aitken can go out together.




I'm all for Lisa, I know she has a mouth on her, and maybe some of the things she says are over the top. But that's how she makes a living. I'm also for Aubrey, she is a true C.A. and I think she should have the title. I can't stand that jerk she has to work with, without her on his team he would have lost and probably have gotten fired a long time ago. And as I went down reading others comments saying Dayana is beautiful, And all of the others were jealous... That's all she is, just a pretty face. After 10 years or more... When her looks fade what else could she be?


I lost all respect for Clay Aiken, He is a real jerk, almost as bad as big mouthed unattractive Lisa.
Donald Trump should have fired Lisa for being an abusive, foul mouthed ignorant person with a horrible attitude. I am sure the show will have enough drama for ratings without Lisa.
Clay, Lisa and Aubrey are all jealous of Dayanna, she is drop dead gorgeous and classy and they must be threatened by her.
Aubrey please fire your hair stylist, you look like a clown, you also need to lose some weight.
Clay, you are a complete pompous a hole - won't ever again buy your recordings, you ruined your image on the show last night.
Lisa, get some mental counseling, you are scary.


If The Donald hires apprentices like nasty Lisa, slutty Aubrey or rolling eyes disrespectful Clay, then I loose all respect for Trump's business and show. I understand why he wants drama and controversy to make the show less boring, but this season is the worst. Harrassement was exemplified by Lisa, Aubrey and Clay on the last few episodes.

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