Dayana Mendoza Fired on Celebrity Apprentice

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Dayana Mendoza's luck finally ran out this week on Celebrity Apprentice.

A current six-time boardroom veteran and one-time target of Lisa Lampanelli racial slurs, Dayana took charge as Team Forte's project manager this week.

Arsenio Hall stepped forward and led Team Unanimous to victory.

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Dayana was in trouble from the start, as Clay Aiken took over the creative process and Lisa was just ... being Lisa. She threw a tantrum and stormed out.

On the plus side, Clay and Lisa bonded over their collective frustrations with Dayana.

Arsenio and Aubrey O'Day exchanged many evil looks, meanwhile, but Aubs' "Hollaback Girl" cheerleader theme for the song won out ... and won the task.

O'Day dominated the spotlight and discounted her teammates in the process, but when you win, the charity getting the prize money won't be complaining.

In the boardroom, Lisa and Clay threw Dayana under the bus, and after so many close shaves this spring, The Donald sort of reluctantly sent her packing.

Were you surprised to see Dayana go? Did she deserve it?


Vile Lisa has ruined what used to be a good show. They really scraped the bottom of the barrel whe they chose her. Can't wait until that borderline personality disorder, big, fat, ugly inside-and-out, racist pig is fired.


Dayana was in a lose-lose situation. If Dayana just let them do their thing, Lisa and Clay would have said she did nothing, and since she tried to be involved Lisa and Clay were offended by her trying to manage them. Of course jealous, fake Aubrey had to put her two cents in although she wasn't even on the team to throw Dayana another jab. Dayana has had to put up with a lot of jealousy.


And Dayana was not pretty, classy or stylish with: 1) her many smug, smartass looks in the boardroom; 2) her beady eyed, squint face everytime she went off on some time waster tangent during the project; or 3) her continual pouts when she didn't get her way. I guess Dayana is indeed representative of Trump's brand.


I have n-e-v-e-r begged for a man. They have pursued me until i am defenseless. I was hired for a political managerial position by a WOMAN and she can see the manipulations i have suffered. Men fight for what they want. Lets see how many of u can escape the clutches of brawling obsessed billionaires. They rule the n.w.o. The answer is yes sir.


I have done my duty to our government and the government of other countries as well. I am a coolege graduate from more than one field and accomplished writer, business and political manager that speaks two languages and have my own task force that i organized and managed with no safety net other than a BRAIN. MY BOSS IS A WOMAN AND IF YOU CANT RESPECT THE BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS OR HARDCORE WARRIORS U NEED TO RETHINK UR LIVES. I CAN READ ANY LITERATURE THAT I CHOOSE ACCORDING TO THE DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. I HAVE DEAN`S LIST AWARDS AND A PURPLE HEART FOR MILITARY SERVICE INTERNATIONALLY. CHECK. WRECK.


I bet the witch Lisa Lampanelli is having her field day ...only because Mendoza got fired.
The old bag with a drooping neck is so evil...and this goes for the stupid red hair of Aubrey O.
Arsenio another 2 faces when it comes to Giudice he remains silent and smiles...the evil saying ....''Teresa you are dumb''.Shame on you bold man.She's trying ....Lampanelli and Aubrey must go to hell..these 2 are disgusting.The old bag needs to go for therapy....the young bag must go back to school and learn how to respect people.Clay is afraid to speak his mind...lampanelli is evil.Hall is a jackass...and teresa she's trying to do a decent job...Aubrey go away.We don't like you.


@"goodbyebitch" And the correct way to say the phrase is, if you can't speak WELL not 'Good'. ;)


@ "goodbyebitch". You make my country look like shit. I despise you. I can spew hate like you and say "If the lovely and classy Dayana should back to her country because you can't "take" her accent. Kick yourself out while you are at it, your ancestors were immigrants too. Don't even bitch back and say you are "All-American" because you have no right to that title bitch - you and your family aren't indigenous to North America making you and your family (yes I mean all of your privileged ancestors) "trashy", shitty hearted, privileged immigrants as well. Get out of the US and drag your nasty, bratty , dirty, ignorant, arrogant, slutty , racist, entitled, fat butt back to Europe and bury yourself 6 feet under there while you are at it, because I'm sure they don't want you there as well". See, I could say that to you, oops................ I guess I did. And just like your stupid username , you self indulged narcissistic coward. Goodbye bitch.


I used to respect Clay, he seemed easy going until he started yelling at Dayanna because she asked him to move in the front of the group to see how it looked. What a bitchy diva. I hate Clay and Lisa was rude to begin with. Dayanna was so classy and she was happy when she went happy. Aubrey is a whiny baby who gets angry when someone isn't complimenting her manipulative, egotistical , aging personality. She has issuses. Aubrey is not pleasant, Clay is rude and a hypocrite. Arsenio is the favorite. Clay fell a thousand steps.


Lisa Lampanelli is rude and needs to save that for her stand up act. Lisa-You need anger management in a big way! Lisa has no class and I can't wait to see her FIRED! Clay had my respect until recently. Same with Arsenio. I like Teresa, but she is riding coat tails. I'm pulling for Aubrey to win now.

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