Courtney Stodden Reality Show: On YouTube! Actually a Thing!

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Earlier this week, Courtney Stodden encouraged fans to eat their vegetables and then jumped rope for a bit.

But the 17-year old apparently has a lot more to say and she's doing it YouTube style, as she and sketchy husband Doug Hutchinson could not find a network to air their proposed reality show.

So in the first edition of the couple's Web series (titled "Courtney's Countdown" because it will air up until Stodden turns 18 in August, at which time we're guessing she and Hutchinson will star in a different sort of video...), we watch as Stodden whines about her injured foot to both her man and her mom.

It's riveting stuff. You won't be able to look away:


I have no excuse, i watched that!!! Sorry for my american friends (i'm french), but why did your networks invented all those reality shows? Why does everyone look? We are a bit lucky, we don't have as many shows than you have (exception maybe from Italy and the Berlusconi's TV's), but the most important, ours are not as crude than the american ones i watched on internet. But somehow it's the same, we, western countries, are decadent. The only ones who could do something to change all that are the politicians, but it's not in their interest to educate the masses. Well, i'm in a bad mood tonight. Sorry to you all for this pessimistic view.




She can say it isn't the shoes all she wants but when shes 25 and her feet and knees are completely messed up it's not on me.


Come on 18! So the porn queen can shine! At least she has goals. Her mother must be so proud. Ugh not sure who should be smacked first, her crazy parents for letting her marry the horny old man and acting like a cheap slut, or the horny old man who married the cheap slut. Awful, all of them


We only have to put up with her until she is 18, then she can disappear into the porn world, never to be heard from again. I'm counting down too!

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