Colton Dixon on American Idol Elimination: God Will Guide Me

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Immediately upon hearing his name called by Ryan Seacrest last night, as the latest American Idol finalist to get the boot, Colton Dixon was gracious and humble. He even apologized to the crowd for his poor Wednesday evening performances.

A little while later, backstage with reporters, not much was different for the dyed-hair rocker.

"[I'm] a little overwhelmed, but besides that, I'm good," Dixon said. "I know God is going to use me to do other things."

Was he at all resentful that the judges used up their save on Jessica Sanchez the week before? Not remotely.

She "deserved to be saved, hands down," Colton said, adding that he knew he'd be in the bottom three was he was called to center stage along with Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.

Sounding excited to write his own songs and build a career, Dixon went on to detail what he plans for America to hear from him going forward.

"I want to do Christian music. That's where my heart's at. I grew up on it, that's what I've taken a stand for, and that's what I believe in. I'm going to start writing as soon as they let me and get started on a record, whether it's independent [or on Interscope Records]. I don't know what's going to happen. I'm just excited to share a gift that God gave me. It's all in His timing. You've just got to let go and trust that He's going to do good things with you."

We wish Colton the best of luck on his journey.

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hi colton you an awsome job at singing and never give up on your dreams. rember you did your best at singing bad romance by lady gaga. I am a huge fan and when I saw that you got voted off that's when your dreams come true is to do a record deal.


You people are rude and if you don't like him go somewhere else. Amen @kccheiffans and frances!! For the other heartless people, stfu and go to a website that hates him. This website isn't where you should be being rude to him. To be honest, its annoying to see people act this way. I feel embaressed for you guys :I.


Joanna: obviously you don't know the Lord, because God is love, and you hsve a hateful heart. You no nothing about who has gods presence in them or not because you are blinded and can't hear


ì appreciated colton dixon's humility. As for the remaining contestants, they all would be very successful. no one remaining is a looser. hey look at jennifer hudson..;)


Colton had a mediocre voice and i wasnt moved by it one bit..... and sounding bitter about been eliminated becos of God is sounding itchy to my ears, have you forgotten that Joshua too is a church boy yet i feel God's presence more in his life than yours so STOP making excuses for your elimination. PLS!!!!!!!!


There is a verse in the Bible that tells us that when we confess our faith in Christ to others, He confesses us before the Father in Heaven. That is just what he did during a very difficult elimination. Colton will be blessed in whatever he does. I was bummed that he is off, but it will be so great to see how God will use him.


Man, people on here sure aren't very charitable! Personally, I liked Colton but his last few performances were not good. I believe that he will go in the right direction, and yes, guided by God!!! Damn, people, give God a chance here!!!!


You're right! God will will guide you right to the nearest Pac Sun store where you will work the cash register.


Oh sure. there are children starving all around the world, people being blown up by suicide bombers, and countless natural disasters. But god is making sure Colton Dixon has a good music career. What an egotistical thing to say.


First of all all the remaining contestants can and probably will be rich and famous in the music industry.
there is so much talent there it is hard to distinguish excellent from excellent. Already they have spent more time
On the air than 99% of Americans and their names are practically house hold words. No one is now a loser all
Will be getting recording contracts I'm sure.