Christina Aguilera Crushes Tony Lucca on The Voice

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"Mickey Mouse Club" connections only get you so far apparently.

Last night on The Voice, Christina Aguilera offered some less-than-glowing words for the falsetto-singing Tony Lucca, one of Adam Levine's proteges.

After a rendition of "In Your Eyes," Christina called him "one-dimensional," said she thinks there are better voices on the show, and hopes The Voice doesn't become about "celebrity sway" that keeps fan favorites like Tony in the competition.

Adam's response: "Wow. That was honest."

Popular with fans and celebrities alike, Lucca got the support of Justin Timberlake, a MMC alum along with Aguilera and Britney Spears, on Twitter Monday.

Will he survive? He'll have to be one of the top three vote-getters among Adam Levine's six team members - or get Levine to save him with the fourth spot.

Think it'll happen? Tune in tonight to find out.

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I think its so stupid she didn't want him to win by "celeb sway" yet she name drops Justin Timberlake. For some reason she's prejudice against Adam & his team. If it wasn't for Adam using u on "moves lk jagger" u wouldn't be relevant right now Christina!


UGH. Really you have to feel bad for some of these people leaving the show. This coaches, I wonder if they feel any bit of responsibility for the very very very poor song and stage choices. Tony on everybody wants to rule the world????? Sad, I do believe theses judges really set people up fail. MISERABLY at that. I don't like it at all I know you stretch them and get them singing a song they would never even considering their style. I'm just saying sometimes they don't even get it. chessa really?????? If that's even how yoi


Not trying to be mean or anything, but she can't stand it when others have better singers. Shes acting like a sore loser. Too bad though.


She hates on everyone who isn't on her team. That wasn't cool that she singled him out just because he was in the mickey mouse club. People don't care about that...they just like who they like. More people may have voted for him because they felt bad about how mean she was to him!