Christina Aguilera Crushes Tony Lucca on The Voice

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"Mickey Mouse Club" connections only get you so far apparently.

Last night on The Voice, Christina Aguilera offered some less-than-glowing words for the falsetto-singing Tony Lucca, one of Adam Levine's proteges.

After a rendition of "In Your Eyes," Christina called him "one-dimensional," said she thinks there are better voices on the show, and hopes The Voice doesn't become about "celebrity sway" that keeps fan favorites like Tony in the competition.

Adam's response: "Wow. That was honest."

Popular with fans and celebrities alike, Lucca got the support of Justin Timberlake, a MMC alum along with Aguilera and Britney Spears, on Twitter Monday.

Will he survive? He'll have to be one of the top three vote-getters among Adam Levine's six team members - or get Levine to save him with the fourth spot.

Think it'll happen? Tune in tonight to find out.


Christina seems to have something personal against Tony. I personally thought he was the best one on the last show. She needs to get a grip and stop trying to get all the attention. She looked like an idiot going up on stage to hug her team member. Get a grip Christina your an has been.


Christina - WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????????????????????????


Hey peeps how ya all xxxx I know your menu to say stuff about clebs buy I dont care there's no rule on being kind


Her comments were by no means professional. It was a classless move and I expect better from her. Tony's performance deserved a professional critique. It was not a perfect performance but a lot of the others didn't do much better. Celebs should keep their opinions to themselves until after a contest is over to support their friends. Christina should also refrain from sounding unprofessional. JT tweeted but you plastered Alicia Keys ON THE SHOW with a clip supporting another contestant. Fair? I don't thins so…Enough said.


Btw I totally agree with you blaize and ignore my last comment that wasn't me it was my little cusson x


That's outers
Some of your comments ate really harsh
No fair




If any of the MALE judges said the exact same words to another contestant, people wouldn't be bothered by it. But because it was Christina Aguilera, she gets attacked. No surprise there. If you people actually listened to the entire comment she gave you'd realize that it wasn't nasty. It was an honest assessment. As a judge, she is SUPPOSED to critique all the singers and give her opinion, whether it's good or bad. Adam Levine gave an opinion of Cee-Lo's team last night that was blunt, and nobody is hating on him, making assumptions, or accusing him of being mean. Hmm, I wonder why that is? Christina is not the first judge on this show to bluntly express a negative opinion about a contestant, but she is the only one who gets attacked for it.


Lol at xtina calling someone else one-dimensional.
She a great singer, but heard one song from her, heard them all. Unnecessarily judgemental and catty on her part. Maybe she had a crush on him when they were mouseketeers ;)


It was cold and nasty attack. The song was great, much much better than many others on the show. She is very calculated in her remarks about singers who are not on her team. I don't really her opinions are genuine-- it seems like strategy for her.

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