Christina Aguilera Called "Total Bitch" By The Wanted

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British boy band The Wanted performed on The Voice, and didn't hesitate to describe one of the less fun aspects of that experience in an interview.

That being Christina Aguilera.

The judge "is a total bitch," the band's Tony Parker ranted to Now FM, in an interview that has since been yanked from YouTube. He continues:

"She might not be a total bitch in real life, but to us, she was a total bitch ... she just sat there and didn't speak to us. Wouldn't even look at us."

Wanted CA

"She was quite rude," Siva Kaneswaran (second from right), added, backing up the claim by Parker (second from left). "I mean, Who does that?"

Max George (middle) chimed in, "She was a bit scary, to be honest."

When asked to compare their time on The Voice with their recent appearance on American Idol, George said, "J. Lo's hot, Christina's nothing special."

The Wanted performed on The Voice the same night Justin Bieber showed up to debut a preview of his "Boyfriend" video, and said that Aguilera was equally cold to the "Baby" crooner, making a weird face as Bieber went in for a hug.

Aguilera, for her part, denies she snubbed anyone: "Haha," she tweeted. "Can't a girl have a little Bieber Fever after getting kissed by the Biebs?"


i don't even like this group... i mean, yeah, they have every right to have an opinion, but really, just because one person does not talk to you or kiss your ass does not mean you should be offended.. these celebrities should be careful about their opinions because people often take a celebrity's OPINION as FACT... and while xtina may be a bitch, she has a right to be.. a lot of people are bitches, but as a celebrity, it is just magnified when it comes to her


To all you people saying things like "she doesn't have to talk to you" and "she's the star not you"... you're absolutely right... but then they have EVERY right to let everybody know just how much of a Bitch she is... so funny, because if you ran into her in the mall or some place and you said Hi to her and she just totally ignored you, you would be on your little facebook page telling everyone just how much of a bitch she is!
And don't even let me get started with this dude that says we are "hunters"... he's probably the first to call a woman a bitch, a skank, or a lesbian if he gets turned down.
Bottom line, they met her, have an opinion of her, and that's it, end of story.


vagina envy, i love that! LOL why they are putting her down (or trying to), i don't know. she's the star, not them! what did they expect! for her to be like some grl next door?


I'm gonna take a wild stab at the dark and say they are all gay. One that photo! Two what grown man picks a fight with a girl because she didint talk to you. We are fucking hunters, if you dont get through to one, you fucking find another. This is some gay jealously shit that I dont even understand, like vagina envy or something.


I dont care if Christina is a "star" , that doesnt give her the right to be rude! That doesnt make her better than everyone else. And to be on a show for aspiring singers, shouldnt she be nice to young talented people? She is a bitch and comes across that way all the time. Her shit stinks too!


Not to mention musicians usually say stupid things in said songs and don't know what they're talking about anyway.
Call me a bitch if you want to, I don't have to speak to you. Rock bands are usually comprised of sleazy assholes anyway. Good on ya, Christina.


She doesn't have to speak to you if she doesn't want to you immature little douchebags! You should have spoken to her first and made her feel comfortable. She is the star not you little nobodies. You better start learning how to act because your little joke of a boy band isn't gonna last long. Grow up.


@Jenna: Also, you are clearly not very tuned into pop culture. Yeah, people dont call Taylor Swift a bitch. They call her a SLUT. Why? Because shes had a string of boyfriends. There is literally no famous woman you could name who isnt labelled one of the two. They are all either a bitch or a slut because in your kind of mindset fem-hate always beats logic.


@Jenna: you are describing internalised misogyny and most of us with HALF A BRAIN do object to one woman employing her self-hating philosophies to tear down another!! As for Christina, maybe she is a self-centred humanbeing but I will defend her from a dumb gang of boys who seem to have just as much a problem with her feminity as they do her personality.


You all some one hit wonders n soon no one will know who u r the queen Christina doesn't have to miss your azzes cuz she a future legend n an icon already..grow up little boys

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