Charlie Sheen in Anger Management Promo: Give Me a 24th Chance!

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His career has taken many turns. So has his personal life.

But Charlie Sheen recently admitted in an interview with Matt Lauer that he isn't even sure who that reckless moron from the first half of 2011 was, and now he's asking TV viewers for another chance. A 24th, by the actor's count.

So Sheen jokes - it's not really a joke, is it? - in the following trailer, which promotes the June 28 premiere of his upcoming FX comedy, Anger Management.

The star anchors the sitcom as an athlete-turned-therapist. Will you give Sheen the opportunity he so desires? Watch the latest promo now and then decide:

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Its a show people. He's very entertaining , Who cares about his personal life. Everyone in their life
has done something that they are not proud of. What about the priest that molest little boys, did he get
as much publicity, NO. Charlie hurt no one except himself, yes , he does deserve a 24-10. Can't wait to see
his new show.


Wow, the stupidity of the human race never fails to amaze me.


I hope it is a huge success. He is funny.. That's all!


this is for the person that said charlie is the devil. get a grip and go find sumthing better to do than talk crap about charlie sheen. hes made more money with his humor n twisted mind then u prolly have yor whole life. charlie was prOlly laughing at u for being such an idiot. chRLIE U ROCK. CANT WAQIT TO WATCH YOR NEW SHOW "ANGER MANAGEMENT" . a huge fan of charlie sheen


Charlie, your humor and presence is so very much missed - going back to "Spin City"- myself as well as many, many people that I know are so anxiously awaiting your return and new show -- can't wait to see you again!!!!
P.S. 2/12 is nothing without you -- obviously the series was based loosely on your personal life -- without that the writers do not have any material to expound upon -- Welcome back!! love your spots on FX


We have waited a long while for Charlie's return. I miss the humor.
Just ask Chuck Lorres who was responsible for making Two-and-a-half- men the most successful comedy and number 1 show for years.
Good luck Charlie and welcome back!!!!!!


Charlie may not be too smart but he deserves another chance because he is a good actor and has a knack for comedy. He didn't kill an unarmed teenager. He didn't rape young boys in a locker room. He didn't hire a prostitute in a foreign country while protecting the president of the United States--and then refuse to pay her claiming he didn't know she was a prostitute! Duh! How smart was that Secret Service dude? Not smart enough to be in the Secret Service that’s for sure—but even he will probably be given another chance at some government job—and I bet he will not make the same mistake again. Charlie will not make the same mistake again either. However, we will all be watching closer to see what his next mistake will be and; if it is a big one—there will be no next time Charlie! So you better make the best of this new—and maybe last—big opportunity!


I wholeheartedly agree with Guest 1. Sheen is a miserable, disgusting excuse for a human being. As for Sheen's personal life not being our business: The self-centered, egotistical publicity-hound MADE it our business. And it becomes my business when I have to stand by and see hundreds of innocent, much-lower-paid, folks put out of work as a direct result of Sheen's selfishness. With his sickening pranks, he was laughing at us all. He's a legend in his own mind, arrogantly considering himself indispensable. He's shown repeatedly that he believes he's above it all, and obviously considers himself better than the rest of us. As Guest 1 said, if his show succeeds and we accept him, that will say more about us than it will him. He is the devil.


A truly repellant human being. People will watch for a while to see if he's going to go nuts again, then lose interest. It's like slowing down at the scene of an accident. My guess is it won't last. At least I hope it won't, because if it does, it says more about us than it does about him, which is pretty sad.


What a stupid comment as usual..Sheen is funny, fun and yes we will watch him again, his personal life is not OUR BUSINESS for pete's sake so he doesn't even need to ask some whatever chances !

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