Charles Manson Photos: Updated Images Released in Advance of Parole Hearing

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Charles Manson has a parole hearing next week, and the California Dept. of Corrections has released new photos of the notorious 77-year-old murderer.

CNN first published the photos - taken at the state prison in Corcoran - this week. One of the (nearly identical) images of Manson appears below.

Before that, the most recent known photo of Manson was from 2009 (right).

Charles Manson Photo
Charles Manson Picture

New photos of prisoners are taken "if they are transferred to other prisons or medical facilities or, in [Manson's case], when an inmate's appearance changes."

In the new photo of Manson, he appears with long white hair, beard and the infamous swastika on his forehead. His parole hearing is scheduled for April 11.

He has been denied parole 11 times since being sentenced to death for the murder of actress Sharon Tate, her unborn baby and four others in 1971.

Manson's death sentence was changed to life in prison in 1972, when California's death penalty was overturned. Forty years later ... he's quite old.

Still, in the past five years, Manson has been punished for threatening an officer, and for possession of a weapon (a sharpened pen) and contraband cell phones.

Something tells us his bid for parole gets negged next week. Hunch.


Yes this too brought tears to my eyes. I am at work here in Hong Kong and read this blog and I am sooo oveherwlmed right now with missing you guys. It's amaazing the work that God has done in and through the Broken Hearts team. My heart longs to be back on the streets of Santa Monica and Highland. 10 more Thursdays without me and then I am home!! Finally home!! I love you and miss you sooo much Holly!!


Bury that "retard" under the prison.


Charles Manson the prophet, messenger of life, finder of lost children, YOUR children.
keep on jiving Charlie. ATWA yeah "You cant fight for peace & you cant capture freedom" C.Manson