Charles Manson Parole: Denied!

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Infamous mass murderer Charles Manson just lost his latest parole bid ... stunning.

The hearing took place at Corcoran State Prison in California, where Manson, convicted of seven murders in 1969, has now been denied an even dozen times.

At the age of 77, this was probably his last shot at parole, as Sharon Tate's killer's case cannot be heard again for another 15 years from yesterday.

Of course, he was never going to get out anyway, so it's a moot point.

Charles Manson Photo

Only one "Manson Family" member convicted of murder has been paroled. Steve Grogan is out, having been released in 1985 for aiding the authorities and good behavior.

Charles Manson was originally sentenced to death row in 1972, but his sentence was commuted after the California death penalty was declared unconstitutional.


Manson is a killer he killed one of his own cult members. He raped a woman and he sent his crazed little followers off to kill a great actress, lovely lady and soon to be mother. It was at his demand that 5 adults and an unborn child died that night not to mention the man a few days before that and a couple the next night who's son found them. He bragged about it and found it funny. Horrid man and even as a child he sodimised another boy whilst holding a razor to his throat. Anyone who supports this creature is just as inhumane as him.


he did no actuall killings himself. let him out. he paid his debt. if i told you to go jump off a building , would you?


For all those people who feel sorry for him or think he should be out just because he technically didn't do the murders himself should check themselves into some kind of treatment. He is just as guilty as the people who did the killings. Just because he didn't want to get his own hands dirty. You people disgust me.


Ok so it's pretty dumb to me, because he didn't kill anyone!! He may have been the ring leader of a " cult " but he didn't actual do the murdering!! His followers were more ignorant in my opinion for listening to someone that told them to kill!! They are just as equally demented if not more!


Should Be Buried UNDER The Prison. Nothing Else Said.


Hey, here's an idea...someone ought to take Manson's WORTHLESS AND DEMENTED ASS and FINALLY throw him in the electric chair and LET 'ER RIP (or whatever)!!!!! Case closed.


This is so wrong, only in the good ole puritan US would anyone who told other people to kill someone, not murder by hire, just got high and sent them to kill. He killed no one himself and he should be out...
I wish you well Charlie!


Must admit though he does have great hair lol


I thought by now he'd be ROTTING IN HELL!!! THE DEVIL'S A LIAR!!!!!


Omg he still has a crazy insane look in his eyes after all these years. I thought he was dead... Why even give him a parole hearing ?? They should have reduced his sentence to life without parole . It would have saved time and money. Cause he is never going to get put anyways.

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