Celebs to Jessica Simpson: Where is the Baby?!

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Jessica Simpson has been pregnant for so long, and is so enormous, fellow stars are on pins and needles wondering where that giant baby girl is.

Maybe it's the non-stop Jessica Simpson quotes concerning her pregnancy that have slowed. Maybe it's the rumor that she already gave birth (false).

Whatever the reason, some inquiring minds really want to know on Twitter.

"Has Jessica Simpson had that baby yet?! I'm anxious," Katy Perry wrote.

VERY Pregnant Jessica Simpson

Chelsea Handler was thinking the same thing. "How has jessica simpson still not given birth to this baby? I'm getting frightened," she wrote.

So are we. Simpson, who is still pregnant, announced her pregnancy on Halloween, six full months ago, well after tabloids got wind of it.

It's got to be due any minute now. Whenever little Maxi arrives, you can expect the fiancee of Eric Johnson to Tweet non-stop updates.

Seriously. This is a 31-year-old woman who has mused about her "swamp ass" and "the big O" of pregnant sex. There's no such thing as TMI.

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Miley fakes

best breast i ever seen


Jessica is going to have one helluva time losing all that extra weight she packed on. The baby will only account for 20 pds. The rest is all her own fat.


I second what Ava says. Leave Jessica alone. You have to live and learn. If she has more children, I bet she won't gain as much that time after she sees how hard it is to lose the weight. But she has enough money to get everyone she needs to help with the process like Mariah who had surgery to lose weight after the twins birth as I read. So chill! I feel for the woman who can't afford help and has to lose the hard way.


Why does anyone care about when she's due?


Great - another bastard in Hollywood!!!


i heard her due date was April 30th not 21st and it's only April 29th as I write this comment. My daughter was 16 days overdue. Good Luck Jessica!


The full course of a human pregnancy is 40 weeks, there's nothing fishy about Jess' preganancy. Beyonce's folding microwave baby is the one I'm anxious about.


My first baby was due on May 1, and that thang didn't even come out until May 15! Don't think nothing about them due dates. When shrakeem came out, he wayed 11 pounds 4. He was big and I got skinny after he was 2. Now I got 7 kids and my body still fine. She will be fine. Others stop hating. Leave Jessika alone and she be happy.


It is no ones business but Jessica's and her fiancé when she has the baby. I would not doubt that she already had Maxi and is enjoying her baby before the vultures get ahold of them. Leave her alone Katy and the rest. Maybe one day you might be as blessed.


Her due date was April 21st

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