Celebrity Apprentice: Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider Fired

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Proving just how little NBC has worth watching these days, Donald Trump and Celebrity Apprentice were given a three-hour episode last night. Three.

Sad as that is, with over $1 million at stake for charity, the stakes were raised, things in the boardroom got quite heated and two people got the axe.

Debbie Gibson was the first of two casualties, taking the fall after the episode's initial task - to create and sell a "My New York" celebrity guidebook.

Debbie Gibson on Celebrity Apprentice

In the boardroom, the losing women brought out their manicured claws, and while Aubrey O'Day seemed like the obvious choice to get the boot, she was safe.

Thus, Debbie Gibson was fired.

Just when it seemed that things were about to simmer down, Trump pulled a fast one teamed up Teresa, Aubrey, Arsenio, Clay Aiken and Paul Teutul, Sr.

Up against them? Lou Ferrigno, Lisa, Dayana, Dee, and Penn Jillette. Arsenio and Lou took charge as project managers for the night's second challenge.

In the end, Arsenio's team won the challenge, bringing the former late night host to tears. He scored some major cash for the Magic Johnson Foundation.
Dee Snider on Celebrity Apprentice

Lou brought Dayana Mendoza and Dee Snider with him to the Boardroom. Donald had a tough decision to make, but he ultimately decided to ax Dee.

Sad to see Dee and Debbie go? Did the Donald make the right firings? Are you enjoying this season so far? Who do you think will make it all the way?


Mrs A, there is no one on the show named Lori (or Lpri), who are you talking about? And what are you on?


Was never much of an Arsenio fan but I have a newfound respect for him. He played it perfectly. Kept in control throughout the task, completed the objective and won. He saved the best for the boardroom and gave Aubrey everything she had coming to her. Well done Mr.Hall!!!


Darn, why does Lou have to be that way? What happened to The Hulk? He is so whimpy, not the strong person I thought he was....


I now have respect for Arsenio & Aiken


Yes, Lou shout have accepted responsibility as project manager and he should have been let go!


I agree with you...Lpri needs to go! She is such a rude, big-mouth. I am so glad someone finally put Aubrey in her place. I realize that she is creative BUT she is very self absorbed. Aubrey and Lori can talk crap about everyone else and can be so mean but if anyone says one thing about either of them, well they act like that person is out of line. Aubrey got called out and "exposed" last night and just like a self-absorbed child she took her toys and ran. I am so over her!


Lou needs to go! If I hear him say he gave a 110% again, I will go ballistic!!! So did Aubrey walk off???

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