Carrie Underwood Rocks the House at ACM Awards

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Carrie Underwood kicked off Sunday night's Academy of Country Music Awards with a big blast of rock 'n' roll, showing her vocal chops in belting out "Good Girl."

Her sexy black and magenta mini-dress was a nice touch too.

To those looking for a lot of traditional twang out of the country gala, Carrie's song was something of a warning shot ... this is 21st century country music.

The ACMs are very much a celebration of what the genre has become, with arena rockers (Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean) and a wave of 20-something upstarts incorporating different sounds into the genre (Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum).

See what you think of Carrie's performance below:

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Yeah! Carrie Rocks the House at ACM. She's great. She got an amazing voice. I Loved her dress and shoes that's appropriate and fit with her song.(I'm a conservative)I know what a trashy looks like.After Carrie's performance the show got boring. Reba was okey but her co host wasn't.


Carrie I Really loved the performance the dress and shoes... I which i could buy this on itunes like i did your video!!! #1 FAN FOR JESUS,FAMILY,CARRIE AND FLORIDA STATE!! LOVE YA CARRIE!


Carrie was definitely the highlight of the musical performances. I think the sound was off all night on everyone. Sometimes the sound would come in low and then get real loud. I love Good Girl...very catchy song. Carrie is the classiest woman in country. You never see Carrie dressed like her stage costumes. I think the dress she wore for the song was very appropriate. She looks great..very fit! Her red carpet dress was beautiful. She looks nothing like Britney..that is just a crazy comment. Carrie has an amazing voice! Can't wait to buy her new album Blown Away May 1st! I know it will be great!


By far that was the most boring ACM to date. Carrie looks like a barbie doll, too much bleached hair, too much eyelashes, she is starting to look like a beverly hills housewives! The song is very repetitive and she is screaming not singing. I much prefer the looks and songs of Taylor S. Also the new song of Kelly C is much better than the song of Carrie. I agree with the person that says she starting to look like and sing like Britney S. MB


She was fantastic. Once again she brought it! That girl can SING! Love the song and Carrie!


Sorry folks Carrie Underwood CAN sing, She just didn't lastnight!! But she shouldn't feel bad most of the other millionare's on the stage lastnight couldn't keep their vocals between the lines either. There is something about award shows...... Its just good to know you dont have to be a good singer to sell lots of records, that means any of us have a chance to be a rock star!!!!


Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice and was by far the highlight of the night. I also love these morons from I think the 1950's that complain if a girl has her dress above the knee - amazing! If you wanna see trashy then check out Lady GaGa, Brittany Spears, Nicki Minaj, and Rhianna. They make Carrie Underwood look like a kindergarten teacher.


The sad thing I see is carrie drifting away from country. She is looking more and more like a Brittnay Spears. In her songs, her clothes and just looking sleezy. I hope she gives that up and goes back to being a classy country girl.


I thought she sounded like her voice was shot...or at least strained. Probably because almost every song she does she sings as loud as she can. The woman has no subtlety in her vocal style, and I can't stand her "model on the runway" walk with one foot directly in front of the other. Her new single is very weak.


I Loved her performance! ! I Love her new song. I have everything she has ever made. She REALLY ROCKS!!

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