Bristol Palin to Levi Johnston: You Owe Me Money, Deadbeat!

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Levi Johnston may be looking forward to becoming a dad for the second time, but if Bristol Palin's most recent allegations of him being a deadbeat dad are true, he may want to reconsider how he goes about parenthood.

We'll cut to the chase: Bristol says Levi owes $38,500 in back child support.

Bristol Palin Smiles
Levi's the Man

The daughter of ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin and two-time ex-fiancee of Levi claims he is required to pay $1,750 a month in support for son Tripp, 3.

He allegedly last did so in June 2010 ... 22 months ago.

As for why Bristol Palin hasn't tried to enforce the supposed order via wage garnishment or other means to make Levi, who got girlfriend Sunny Oglesby pregnant earlier this year, she says it's a complicated situation. Ya think?

Bristol's lawyer told TMZ that the younger Palin declined to "pursue child support collection in the (perhaps naive) hope that Mr. Johnston would do what men are supposed to do and pay his support obligation voluntarily."

The lawyer adds, "We were also concerned that garnishment or other aggressive collection efforts could exacerbate an already strained relationship."

Probably true, but there must be more to it. Our first guess: He doesn't have $1,750/month to spare. It's Levi Johnston. What does that guy even do?

Besides get women pregnant, we mean. We're talking about for a living.

He and Sunny Oglesby confirmed her pregnancy earlier this week after the news leaked ... maybe second time's the charm for the Wasilla Wonder?


I think it is sad that this boy does not man up and take care of his child. Rather than take a high road and taking care of his responsibilities, he chose to bash the mother of his child and her family in public and refuses to pay child support. What a poor excuse for a man. Does the new girl think her baby will be any different? He will do the same to her eventually. She may be laughing now, but he will leave. He always does.


He better be glad he's not John Gosselin! then Beefalo would be a multi-millionaire. She should be thanking Levi for the baby money-maker IF, IF he is actually the father.


In the past few years, BP has made considerable income including dancing with the stars,a book deal, and the possibility of a reality show. In some cases, the custodial parent is *earning more than the co-parent, and accept the financial burden of providing for the young child or children. For Bristol to *allow Levi to Neglect payments, and the moment that she find out that he and the young woman in his life are going to become parents, utilize her *rights to child support is a tell,tell sign that she is Not ready to let go of her claim to Levi. By all indications, she is Not in a desperate situation, and *I am Not minimizing the fact that (Baby)Tripp is owed this support but the amount owed did Not get owed overnight.
It was my understanding that Bristol and Levi were in a gagged truce to stop bashing each other in the media!!

Kellie m

If she hasn't received payment then take him to court...sorry but the court of public opinion doesn't count. I think if he was really that far behind she would have him jailed, not throw him under the bus in the media. I find it really hard to believe that he could afford a payment that high. Child support is supposed to be based on his income period. Most people don't make that much money much less have it to pay for child support.


*I think that Levi is an associate member of the K-Fed Club.
As far as Bristol Palin is concerned, just the idea of Levi socking it to someone else and getting them pregnant is more than she can stand. For real, if a co-parent owes close to $40,000.00, you don't wait until his Newest sweetheart becomes pregnant before complaining that he owes back child support.* I believe that Bristol was being independent and taking the financial responsibility of being a single parent, but the idea that her first love Levy would choose to be with another woman, and have another child is more than Bristol is willing to take, so of course Now that he is serious about starting a family with someone else she wants him to show her the money!!


He is a loser


They changed it moron.


damn thats high ass child support.... I guess they did that when he was makin money from... Lol i dnt kno where but i know he wrote a book and im sure made money in other places but thats a lot of money for a person who doesnt seem to wk.


i highly doubt that it is going to last with the girl he is with...


hollywood gossip dont you have anyone more interesting to write about other than this white trash grifter family? COME ON! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!

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