Bristol Palin to Levi Johnston: You Owe Me Money, Deadbeat!

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Levi Johnston may be looking forward to becoming a dad for the second time, but if Bristol Palin's most recent allegations of him being a deadbeat dad are true, he may want to reconsider how he goes about parenthood.

We'll cut to the chase: Bristol says Levi owes $38,500 in back child support.

Bristol Palin Smiles
Levi's the Man

The daughter of ex-Alaska governor Sarah Palin and two-time ex-fiancee of Levi claims he is required to pay $1,750 a month in support for son Tripp, 3.

He allegedly last did so in June 2010 ... 22 months ago.

As for why Bristol Palin hasn't tried to enforce the supposed order via wage garnishment or other means to make Levi, who got girlfriend Sunny Oglesby pregnant earlier this year, she says it's a complicated situation. Ya think?

Bristol's lawyer told TMZ that the younger Palin declined to "pursue child support collection in the (perhaps naive) hope that Mr. Johnston would do what men are supposed to do and pay his support obligation voluntarily."

The lawyer adds, "We were also concerned that garnishment or other aggressive collection efforts could exacerbate an already strained relationship."

Probably true, but there must be more to it. Our first guess: He doesn't have $1,750/month to spare. It's Levi Johnston. What does that guy even do?

Besides get women pregnant, we mean. We're talking about for a living.

He and Sunny Oglesby confirmed her pregnancy earlier this week after the news leaked ... maybe second time's the charm for the Wasilla Wonder?


Haven't these people heard of adoption,birth control or abortion?


Why does anyone waste energy and time on a low life who apparently hs no job, no life, and looking to finds cheap shots to make money. The saying goes, no one talks about a nobody and this sure what this Levi is. Worthless. Every thing he says from his mouth is a lie. A true deadbeat dad. He will always be trying to make news, trying to make a few bucks for something he siad of did, which was really nothing.


Poow wittle Wevi, I feew so sowwy fow heem. He was just about to get mawwied again when Bwistol weminded him of his wast mistake. I'm just gonna cwy myself to sweep.


Where did she get the $$$$ for that f**ked-up FACELIFT??!!


She needs money to pay off her plastic surgery bill. Those chin implants don't come cheap.


Bristol is obviously extremely jealous that her EX is happy. Im betting her and her evil mother told him he didnt have to pay so they could use it against him at a happy moment in his life like this.


I believe Levi loves the MONEY he makes selling stories about Bristol and her family more than he loves his son. The child has been a cash calf to him.


To Sally and jsc - it doesn't matter how much money Bristol has or hasn't is the father's responsibility to support his child and be a presence in the child's life. If the man is not paying child support, then he should be treated like all other men who don't pay child support. She did not create this child alone.


Clearly, IF TRUE, he should man up and support his children, but how did she get that large a monthly settlement against a guy his age who has little hope of earning a good living unless he takes his clothes off?


I'm with Sally on this one. With the various ways this family has bilked the public for almost four years, she isn't in dire straits. Maybe she should have thought about money before spending a fortune on her new face.

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