Bristol Palin on Levi Johnston Expecting Second Child: Shocked, Confused, Hurt

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When Bristol Palin heard from texting friends that Levi Johnston was expecting his second child, she was shocked ... then confused ... then just pissed.

"I said, 'No way, shut up!'" Bristol tells In Touch Weekly, admitting that before long, her feelings if disbelief soon turned to sadness, anger and disgust.

"I think it’s a little bit of everything, and a lot of confusion. I’m upset about it.”

Levi is the Man

She's primarily upset because Levi, who says he’s “really excited” to be expecting a baby with girlfriend Sunny Oglesby, is MIA from his first born's life.

The reasons for that depend on who you ask - Levi says the Palins conspire to keep Tripp away from him, they say he's just a deadbeat - but it's true.

“He’s seen Tripp twice in the past four months,” Bristol Palin tells the celebrity gossip mag. “He once went an entire year without seeing him at all.”

Bristol is adamant that her ex has always been free to see Tripp.

“I wish Levi would be like, ‘Hey Bristol, can I have Tripp for the weekend?’” she says. “I would be so willing and glad to do that. Yet he continues to lie.”

The daughter of former V.P. candidate Sarah Palin says she wishes no ill will on Levi and Sunny Oglesby, but is merely concerned for her own son.

Above all, Bristol's main fear is that Tripp being humiliated.

“I don’t want him to go to elementary school with 10 half-siblings,” she says.

“That would really affect him. I hope this child is raised with two parents. He needs to step up to the plate. I thought he had learned his lesson the first time.”

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I think the real concern here is that Levi is having yet another child out of wedlock. No matter who you're blaming for Tripp's situation, I think most people can agree that his life will probably be more complicated than it would have been if his parents had stayed together, or at the very least if they were on good terms. Nobody wants to see another baby end up in the middle of young feuding parents. In my opinion, neither Bristol or Levi needs to be having any more children without first being married. Unfortunately, Levi doesn't seem to share my opinion.


u go Bristol these other idiots have'nt walked in ur shoes and wouldnt know the truth if it slapped them in the face


Levi needs to get a good attorney and back up the court order for a big fine every time the Palins or their attorney make negative comments about him or his family. Every talk show Bristol is on has her dissing the father of her child. His lawyer should also make sure that Levi gets weekly visitation visits at a place like Safe Haven, where the Palins won't be around to say negative things and someone is there to records how often he visits Tripp and how often Bristol doesn't allow it. That gets rid of all the "he said/she said" and if Bristol doesn't follow the rules, she loses custody. Even though they are not married, if Bristol treats Tripp like a little money maker for her, every time he appears in an interview, on a magazine cover or on a reality show, 50% of his earnings go to Levi. Personally I would not want my child to even in a show about a pretend marriage--he will always be teased by his classmates about the Palin family acting like trash.


I can understand where both parties are coming from, but Unless she's going to let Levi take Tripp to the park etc. WITHOUT Herself around--Levi won't come around. They should be "mature", but c'mon, who are we kidding-it's all about sucking up to the mother to see the kid, glorifying her "golden uterus" in order to see his son . I wouldnt want to go sucking up to her and giving her the "satisfaction" that they have to maintain phone numbers, home addresses and she will pull the "this is a packaged deal and if I can't be in your life then you can't see your son." If I were him I would request they meet up and he is allowed to have Tripp...without her included. Time with his son should not include her. Also, whomever he is with is entitled to have as many kids as they wish. Baby mamas go off and have future kids, how is that not any different than what he's doing if she goes on to have more kids?


I wouldn't trust the Palins.... She is prob just jealous his moved on and made a new life for himself while she stuck in her life!!
Get over it people move on and itch I was that babies daddy I would be to scared to see my kid if the grandmother was Sarah palin!!


maybe he detached because he felt it was his only option. So many kids want kids but when they have them, the show is over and there is no happy family or future. It happens to older women also mostly because men cheat. Its like a death in the family and for no good reason.


Answer the phone call Bristol. It's Jerry Springer!

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