Breaking Dawn Part 2 Pics: Edward! Bella! Jacob!

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Attention, Twihards: stop bidding on the Breaking Dawn sex pillow and feast your eyes on the following photos.

Summit Entertainment has released a pair of new photos from the final Twilight Saga installment - first posted by our friends at Movie Fanatic - and we've got your early look below.

It's not an especially exciting early look, we grant you, it's just a glimpse at the newly-married Cullens and at Taylor Lautner as Jacob. But since when has anyone minded staring at these three, right? That's what we figured...

  • Edward and Bella in Breaking Dawn Part 2
  • Breaking Dawn Part 2 Picture

Last month, Summit also unveiled the first Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailer, featuring Bella as a vampire. It's rather awesome.

The Twilight Saga concludes on November 16.


Desperatly waiting for dawn 2! Some more exciting magic is about to come ! Ready for bella's new life and renesmee and jake!


I cannot wait for breaking dawn part 2 to come out as breaking dawn part 1 was brilliant and the way they did the scence where you didn't know if bella survived was gripping as a viewer you wanted to stay hooked on the film to see if she did survive.


cant wait when the next movie of break dawn part 2 im jaboc fan


Lovely I like it


so excited cannot wait till i see all of it :D


the whole 48 seconds of trailer in which 38 seconds were the scenery LOL .. too funny


if you read the books, you know how bella's dad's reacted


im loving these movies, i have all of them and the books.... i love that edward nd bella finally got married i cant wait to see her as a vampire!!! i hated that she died and an left her father cause here father is so sweet nd he really love her!! i wonder how he (her father) is gonna like her a vamp??

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