Brandy and Chris Brown "Put It Down": First Listen!

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Chris Brown is everywhere these days.

The R&B superstar, who recently collaborated with Pitbull, Wiz Khalifa and his ex Rihanna, has now teamed up with Brandy for her new track “Put It Down.”

The song, which Chris also co-wrote, serves as the official first single from Ray J's sister's forthcoming album, Two Eleven, set to be released this summer.

“Thank you boys so much! What a fun song to put out for the Summer!!! #PUTITDOWN - @Iamseangarrett - @MrBangladesh - @chrisbrown,” Brandy tweeted.

Is it? Take a listen below and decide:


Get it Brandy i love it!! Brandy paved the way for Begone, Amerie, Keisha Cole she did an awesome job Brandy always sounded sweet ans tell those bitches to take a seat and take notes and he ain't dissin Brandy in the song... Much Love Bran Bran


Don't like the lyrics..seems a little immature and Bandy is too grown for that. Chris browns lyrics sound like he's dissin Brandy..not trying to get wit her. Melody and track is nice...good summer banger. Hope the follow up is more focused. Also...want Brandy to Sing the lyrics more clearly. Begone, Amerie, Keisha loud and don't have to BE them but if something is working why not use it.


I likey!!

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