Bobby Brown on Whitney Houston Death: Not My Fault!

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Bobby Brown taped an interview with Matt Lauer this morning - for segments on The Today Show that will run Wednesday and Thursday - and made it a priority to defend himself against accusations that his hard-partying lifestyle played a role in the tragic death of Whitney Houston.

"I didn't get high before I met Whitney," Brown says, seemingly blaming HER for HIS problems, although clarifying that he did smoke "weed" and drink prior to their relationship.

But Brown emphasized that he wasn't "the one that got Whitney on drugs at all" and that he feels "terrible" folks think otherwise.

Bobby Brown on Today

Because, really people, the important thing here is how Bobby Brown feels.

Houston and Brown were married from 1992 to 2007 and are the parents of a daughter, Bobbi Kristina. The singer told Lauer that their one year of filming Being Bobby Brown had a profound affect on their recreational drug use.

"The reality show gave us a wakeup," he says. "We [were] able to see that our drug use had affected our relationship, had affected the love that we felt for each other."

When did Bobby last see Whitney? About a week prior to her passing. He said she "looked really well" at the time.

Brown - who pleaded out a DUI arrest just this week in order to avoid jail time - said he was shocked and "hurt" when he learned Houston died with cocaine in her system. At the end of the day...

"I love that woman with everything that I am. And I believe she loved me the same way. We wouldn't have been able to make the most beautiful girl in the world - without love. And that's the truth."

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Bobby and Whitney never used coke together right!!!????


Let's be real people!!!! Whitney, probably did drugs before she met Bobby Brown, it is just that he had this bad boy image that is easy for America to say their good girl was influenced by him to do what she was doing. To be honest I knew from a very reliable source she was doing these things before she met him. So at the end of the day, it is all about choice. To smoke, to snort, to take perscription pills. If you have a problem take action to either stop or you decide to continue. You cannot control another human beings actions or be accountable for them. Bobby is accountable for his drinking and driving and he a grown A** Man and should know better. So who held his hand and put that drink in his hand. He did!!! That is just the reality of it. Believe you me she had her connections, without Bobby!


An addict is responsible for their own using.


I find it more than interesting that now that she is dead some of these folks come out. We knew about the marijuana but the hard stuff started about a year after the kid was born. Bobby is going to wish he'd shut his mouth. Notice when he does interviews he has to have a crowd of people , while Whitney didn't need that. He's over 40 and still needs his rotten ass hand held.


Bobby is at fault to a degree and he knows it. For someone clean why the hell was he driving drunk in Cali? Bobby has just taken his BS inside and out of the public eye, but wait it is a matter of time before he gets busted.
He didn't get to write a book when she was living so he sees a way to line his pockets. Where the hell did he get the impression that his rep suffered because of her? he knew she was a superstar.


I always think of the Streisand film Birth of Star when I remember whitney. In that film, Streisands music career is thriving whilst her husbands is failing. Hes also a major drug user (like BB) but in the end, realising that he is destroying her, he hops into his car and dies whilst over-speeding. I wish Bobby had watched that movie....for guidance.


It is so sad we have lost so much great. Talent ... Heath ledger.Michael Jackson Anna Nichole and sadly so many more but as a recovering addict I can say first hand it was my doing my choice if I popped that pill no one put it in my mourh bit ME and I would get it somewhere. I would find it and the same with anyone who wants drugs they WILL find it so he may have party. With her but it was her choice... Thete is help if u want ot but you jave to want to stop. PLEASE GET HELP LIFE IS WORTH LIVING..


Nobody makes another person drink and take drugs. But, Mr. Brown has a drug history, and if he ever smoked and drank with Whitney, then he is guilty of poor judgement. You may not have caused her demise, but you certainly contributed to it.


nigga, please.


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