Bobbi Kristina Brown Bong Video: Released, Shocking!

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Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, is seen hitting the bong HARD in a 2011 video posted by the National Enquirer on its new Enquirer Plus site.

The oft-troubled 19-year-old was partying with friends who attend college in Statesboro, Ga., in March of last year, when the bong video was taken.

The Enquirer video shows Bobbi Kristina smoking marijuana out a three-foot-tall bong, inhaling the smoke so deeply that she nearly collapses coughing.

In the video, Bobbi Kristina says, “Give me the lighter,” and then lights the bong, takes a huge hit, coughs and goes back for more ... like a boss.

Bobbi Kristina was staying with friends at the school and brought along a big bag of pot for the party,” a source at the party said of that epic night.

“When I left at 6 a.m. the next day, she was still partying hard. Between tokes, Bobbi was drinking shots of Grey Goose and Skyy Blue vodka."

“She’s obviously a seasoned partier.  With the amount of pot and alcohol she was using, I would've passed out, but she was going strong.”

Having experimented with drugs and alcohol plenty as it is, Bobbi Kristina is said to be spiraling out of control after her mother’s tragic death this year.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was hospitalized twice in 12 hours after her mother died and was even rumored to be getting high after Whitney's funeral.

Friends and family members are very concerned about her future.

“Everyone is worried sick about Krissy ... her aunt Pat got a number of her friends and family to come to Atlanta and have a serious talk with her,” a source said.

“There were lots of tears, but Bobbi Kristina didn’t listen.”

Hopefully pseudo-stepbrother and maybe-fiance Nick Gordon and grandmother Cissy Houston can set her straight ... because Bobby Brown clearly can't.


wow can anyone see a patern mommy like daughter, i bet she leaked this to keep her in the spot light for more than 15 minutes, just like the whole jackson family, when micheal died they did a tv show and sued everyone they could to get money and fame all because their cash cow died!!!


Debbie, while it is NONE of the publics business, you can't just say leave it alone. Hopefully her family who may not have been aware that this even happened can help her on the right path!!!


I don't trust tabloids-please people there are ways to "fix" videos & this is The National Enquirer. I don't see why people don't leave her alone. She's grieving the loss of her mother for crying out loud. Leave the girl in peace. Bobbi Kristina you do have people who believe in you-just please don't let this people who are only after money ruin your life. Don't let them tear you down. Don't chose to do what they are accusing you of doing. Keep the faith, God will get you thru this hard time & bring you out to the other side. God Bless you & again I am so sorry for your loss.


Are you sure it's a three-footer? Looks more like a two and a half.


Teenager smoking pot... Stop the presses!


She shpuld be sent to jail before she ends up like her pathetic mother!


it was in 2011 people, leave this girl ALONE for god sakes , let her do what she wants to do & just leave her business out of the tabloids


this is alll bad i hope she get better because drugs and other things can lead to death and i hope she get better and prove to everyone tha she better than that

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