Bobbi Kristina Brown Bong Video: Released, Shocking!

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Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, is seen hitting the bong HARD in a 2011 video posted by the National Enquirer on its new Enquirer Plus site.

The oft-troubled 19-year-old was partying with friends who attend college in Statesboro, Ga., in March of last year, when the bong video was taken.

The Enquirer video shows Bobbi Kristina smoking marijuana out a three-foot-tall bong, inhaling the smoke so deeply that she nearly collapses coughing.

In the video, Bobbi Kristina says, “Give me the lighter,” and then lights the bong, takes a huge hit, coughs and goes back for more ... like a boss.

Bobbi Kristina was staying with friends at the school and brought along a big bag of pot for the party,” a source at the party said of that epic night.

“When I left at 6 a.m. the next day, she was still partying hard. Between tokes, Bobbi was drinking shots of Grey Goose and Skyy Blue vodka."

“She’s obviously a seasoned partier.  With the amount of pot and alcohol she was using, I would've passed out, but she was going strong.”

Having experimented with drugs and alcohol plenty as it is, Bobbi Kristina is said to be spiraling out of control after her mother’s tragic death this year.

Bobbi Kristina Brown was hospitalized twice in 12 hours after her mother died and was even rumored to be getting high after Whitney's funeral.

Friends and family members are very concerned about her future.

“Everyone is worried sick about Krissy ... her aunt Pat got a number of her friends and family to come to Atlanta and have a serious talk with her,” a source said.

“There were lots of tears, but Bobbi Kristina didn’t listen.”

Hopefully pseudo-stepbrother and maybe-fiance Nick Gordon and grandmother Cissy Houston can set her straight ... because Bobby Brown clearly can't.


by the way, her family has tried to help her numerous times. they have done interventions and begged her to go to rehab. shes even been offered a damn record deal if she would get clean. SHE DOES NOT WANT HELP so clearly let her keep fucking up and being a loser.


Whatta shocker..i see shes spending whitneys fortune wisely. i dont feel sorry for her, her moms death shouldve been a wake up call but she obviously doesnt give a crap. Let her learn the hard way..




This information about Kristina parting and smoking from a bong pipe is not new. This information came out after her mom's death; therefore, the media should stop reprinting this story and leave Bobbi Kristina alone to mourn the death of her mom.


calm the fuck downn.. Why is this even a big deal? It's her life, she can do what she wants.


she's like her mother a pot head nuff said


This seems to be "acceptable behavior" among the family. They find a way to put "spin" on EVERYTHING. Whitney was a drug addict, Bobbie is a drug addict. If they truly loved her they would see that she gets the rehab and counseling that she needs. Lots of people of lost a parent and don't become drug addicts! I am sick and tired and of excuses and acceptance for bad behavior. Oh yes, she will go to church on sunday like her Mom and think she is a saint.


come on people wake the f you people are basically saying that its ok for her to do drugs after her mother died of drugs...oohh let me see it is medical bong hits for grieving, you people that defend her are absolutly retarded and need to be banned from reproducing. she is trying to continue her 15 minutes of fame, and who really knows she might have posted the video herself. all these people trying to give her advice on websites like this one need to stop like she cares what you think


This poor child needs real help and not insulted and berated by these horrible people on this website. What if this was your child and no one came forward to help she or he how would you feel? We almost knew this was going to happen but it time for people who are close to her to step up to the plate and help her.


shes obviously a piece of trash so who the fuck cares what she does. let her die of an od because she's no use to society.

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