Bill O'Reilly Condemns Glee for Transgender Storyline, Encouragement of Sexual Experimentation

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Bill O'Reilly believes Glee is a "good show" that typically sends a "positive message." He made both those points clear prior to a recent segment on his Fox News program.

But the conservative host takes major issue with a recent episode, which introduced Alex Newell as a transgender student who dressed as a female during his choir's performance.

O'Reilly said the storyline was an example of the program's "recurring theme that alternative lifestyles may be a big positive."

Angry Bill O'Reilly

“If you make the behavior of these people... if children hear it, unsupervised children, okay who don't have parents watching their - they might go out and experiment with this stuff," O'Reilly wailed, while guest Gretchen Carlson agreed.

"Here we go again, pandering to .3% of the American population that considers themselves transgender," Carlson said. "Now I get to explain this to my 8-year-old, if i want her to see a nice family show with some nice music."

Judge Jeanine Pirro tried to chime in as a voice of reason and asked the host: "Do you really think that this is the kind of thing that's contagious?" to which he admitted not being sure, but added that seeing James Dean smoke as a teenager did encourage him to do the same.


Does Glee encourage sexual orientation experimentation?


@JujuWoman....FYI, many of the so-called 0.3% of the population of which you speak are not even able to watch the show. They are poor, destitute and barely scraping by. I am part of that 0.3% and I think the show is pretty stupid and don't even watch it. So, at least some, if not the majority of the 0.3% weren't riveted by the episode. Your comments are inappropriate and not necessary and shows how ignorant you are about the whole issue of gender identity. Educate yourself about the issue before uttering slandering commentary about something you obviously know nothing about.


Wow... Do you really think kids are that stupid? The US has one big problem... they think kids are perfect and innocent! Seriously!!!


I agree with O' was inappropriate. Not necessary. And adds nothing to the improvement of society. Entertainment value? Well, if you're part of that .3% you were probably riveted!


i dnt watch this show but i wouldnt say its a kids show mre like older teens and adults becuz i have watched other shows where they are teenagers and it def wasnt for kids.

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