Bill O'Reilly Condemns Glee for Transgender Storyline, Encouragement of Sexual Experimentation

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Bill O'Reilly believes Glee is a "good show" that typically sends a "positive message." He made both those points clear prior to a recent segment on his Fox News program.

But the conservative host takes major issue with a recent episode, which introduced Alex Newell as a transgender student who dressed as a female during his choir's performance.

O'Reilly said the storyline was an example of the program's "recurring theme that alternative lifestyles may be a big positive."

Angry Bill O'Reilly

“If you make the behavior of these people... if children hear it, unsupervised children, okay who don't have parents watching their - they might go out and experiment with this stuff," O'Reilly wailed, while guest Gretchen Carlson agreed.

"Here we go again, pandering to .3% of the American population that considers themselves transgender," Carlson said. "Now I get to explain this to my 8-year-old, if i want her to see a nice family show with some nice music."

Judge Jeanine Pirro tried to chime in as a voice of reason and asked the host: "Do you really think that this is the kind of thing that's contagious?" to which he admitted not being sure, but added that seeing James Dean smoke as a teenager did encourage him to do the same.


Does Glee encourage sexual orientation experimentation?

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O'reilly and Carlson are being totally absurd about this whole issue. I'm so tired of this same old argument about how we got to protect the kids from this evil so the networks have to be completely subservient to our demands. Please, give me a break. If you don't like it then maybe you should get off your butt and do some parenting and stop trying to get everyone else to do it for you. Besides, these kids are going to grow up one day and they are going to be exposed to the world and everything in it. We should teach our kids from an early age that there are many different kinds of people in this world and we should accept them and not discriminate. Also, I can't believe O'reilly thinks that seeing this on a TV show would make a boy all of sudden want to dress like a girl. Like that woman said, it isn't contagious.


With all that is wrong in our society with drugs, alcohol, and a lack of education, isn't Bill O'Rielly busy enough? No. Instead, he is going to compare being Transgendered to James Dean making him want to try smoking...lmao! Is he serious?!! What Bill needs to do is actually get some transgendered guests on his show to explain that we are not a fad and that we are not contagious...that we are human beings with intelligence and feelings just like anyone else. I challenge Bill O'Reilly to get a panel of Transgendered people on his show. I challenge Bill O'Reilly to have ME on that panel...!!! What Bill needs is a wake-up call that we are here and that we are here to stay, and that we, as Americans, have the right to express who we are just as he does...WE ARE EQUALS...!!! Ashley


I quite frankly think this is ridiculous. I applaude Glee for showing the transgender issue. I think this is a positive thing as it may give others the courage to be able to come out of the closet and be true to themselves. There is nothing wrong with being gay or transgender, it is not a lifestyle choice it is genetics you cant help the way you feel inside or who your attracted to. As for explaining it to your child, i have a daughter and when the day comes she asks me why is a man wearing a dress, i will explain it to her the same way i will explain same sex relationships and gay relationships to her, truthfully and positivly.


Really??? So why wasn't O'Reilly flapping his jaws when Friends was on the air?? There was bed hopping, unwed pregnancy, cheating, love triangles, etc. I don't think there is much on TV anymore that doesn't have gays, sex, drugs, drinking, etc. exposed every night. The 'Leave It To Beaver' days are sadly gone. Amazing how this clown picks and chooses the subjects he wants to throw out there. Personally I don't agree with 80% of what is on TV now days. If you don't like what's on, do like I do, watch the History or Discovery Channel. Problem solved!


Ok let's put reason into this. Watching homosexuals kiss personally disgusts me it does not want to make me try it. If I was a homosexual it might turn me on but it definitely wouldn't turn me into it. It may give the message to
Those that are homosexual that the behavior is part of the human condition and may have these people feel
Better about themselves and to stop hiding in a closet. There is going to constantly be a percentage of the
Human species that are going to be this way and the only thing that will affect nature is that they will not contribute to the gene pool unless they are forced by society to act heterosexually.


@JujuWoman "It adds nothing to the improvement of society" Except for fighting against the oppression that millions of people face against every day. Aside from this, I don't think a single positive storyline about transgenderism ever being aired on TV before.
It's amazing how ONE small plot from ONE tv show is enough to disturb you that much! Get out of your bubble and remember that there are people who fight every single day to achieve just some recognition from society. At the end of watching the show, I'm sure you were slightly disturbed, and then forgot about it, going on with your day. At the end of watching the show, that "0.3%" has to go out and face a world that wants to do nothing but spit in their faces.


I HATE when people say that watching a show about someone LGBT or listening to music by someone LGBT will make you LGBT. This is a show that promotes tolerance for people and their relationships. Especially considering the show has a high school setting and is watched mostly by people in that age group, I can't think of a more relevant or fantastic message for a show to have. If they are happy in a relationship and it is safe and loving, it's none of your business. Doesn't Bill O'Reilly want us to believe he is a very important and busy public figure, and wouldn't you imagine this means he has better things to do than whine about a show that doesn't hate gay people as much as he? If you hate people because of the way they love, you are truly the stupidest person ever, and that says more about you and your problems than any problem you perceive the gay person to have.


If my child ever asked me about relationships and what it means to be LGBT, I would say the same thing as if they were to ask me about straight love or relationships. I would say, "People often spend time together and sometimes they fall in love." If they're happy together, it should never matter their sexual preferences. They deserve to be treated with respect, they deserve their time in the spotlight for their talents no less than straight people do. Any suggestion to the contrary is hateful and ridiculous. The show is promoting respect for your peers. The show will not make your child gay. The show wants you to know that if you have a problem with someone just because of their sexual preferences, it's not their fault. It's your fault and your problem.


This is, of course, absolutely ridiculous. She is acting like a big, horrible, graphic explanation is needed when your 8 year-old child asks you about boys wearing dresses and singing on TV. This requires no different explanation than the one required when your child asks about straight love or people's personal relationship preferences, whatever they may be. This is especially true in the context she put it, basically saying her child is too young and naive to understand complex relationships and to explain would be tedious, graphic or inappropriate. If your child is too young to understand or be confused by the show, they won't ask about it.

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