Beyonce on Kim Kardashian: Not a Fan!

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Things might get a bit awkward in a few weeks.

With Kanye West and Jay-Z scheduled to go on tour, sources tell Great Britain's The Sun that the latter's better half is not a fan of the former's new girlfriend, a certain giant-breasted reality star.

“Beyonce’s not happy about Kanye’s relationship with Kim," an insider claims to the publication. “She had a conservative upbringing which was very different to Kim’s."

Kim Kardashian and Cleavage
Beyonce in NYC

What, exactly, is it about Kim Kardashian that bugs Beyonce so much? Says the source:

“Bey’s never been impressed by her record with men." Well, yeah.

"And the sex tape that leaked a few years ago." Good point.

“Her 72-day marriage doesn’t exactly inspire her with confidence that she wants the relationship with Kanye to last either." Hard to argue with that.

Still, the women will need to make nice. West and Jay-Z will be touring Europe in May and June, with sources telling the newspaper that Kardashian has already lined up product launches around the same time in the area. She'll be there. So will Beyonce, it stands to reason.

Let's hope these two get it on because, let's face it: if they do, we all know who will be the survivor.



Totally agree wit benny!! Like really !! Haterz!! Kim k is a beautiful woman n everybody knows that yal jus hatin becuz of pure jelousy!! Luv ya kim k!!


I'm not gone say anything bad about Beyonce, but I can't understand why she doesn't like KIM.... I like KIM, and will support her, no matter she is armenian or not. And may be she hasn't voice like Beyonce, you all should respect her... Beyonce, I hope you are happy with Jay'z, let Kanye be happy with KIM, if he wants it... That's my opinion...


This is SO funny! Look at how the daughter of a prominent attorney, raised in wealth and having been given any opportunity one could ever desire gets OWNED by the Texan daughter of a hairdresser...LOVES IT! Go B! I love how Beyonce managed to show she's a real star...not a f*ing attention whore. Kim's huge ass-DISGUSTING. I wouldn't like to be associated with that either. Yuck.


Who knows if this is true but ppl needs to stop judging KK bcus guess what?...she is a grown ass woman. Meaning she can date whoever she wants, marry whenever, whoever and for however long lol. She's beautiful. In the past couple yrs she's only officially dated 4 men. Like Damn can she get a break.


Will someone tell me how ANYONE can be KK's fan with not only her past, but the new pics of
her smugly walking out of the car while Kanye is trying to pull up his pants? HOW MUCH OF


I hven't heard Beyonce say any of this. We all know these anonymous sources be lying. That is why they stay anonymous so they cant get sued. I do believe Beyonce wouldn't be friends with someone like Kim K but she definitely would be friendly with her. Beyonce consider Kanye family and would be nice to whoever he bring over to meet them. These stories are fake


this is so stupid, beyonce is not that type of person, but everything said in the rumor is true about Kim!


I think b should mind her who business,let the two people live thier life,what different up bring did she get,she was in the spot light every,but i understand what she is saying but give her chage
no one is perfect we all make mistake,i love b but i think she must
stay how of this one.


Beyonce would never say that I call this story bullsh!t. She has her own business to worry about.


Kim k is always thirsty for publicity shell do anything for it.thts why they marry famous sports players so theyh could be seen with them and there money.thts how they got were they r today.and it didnt hurt her stepdad is bruce jenner and has money.they r fony bitches and they swear if u have a make comments about them tht your automatically jealous of them.yeah right.u gotta have money to make it big im sure bruce jenner made it happen for them.

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