Beyonce on Kim Kardashian: Not a Fan!

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Things might get a bit awkward in a few weeks.

With Kanye West and Jay-Z scheduled to go on tour, sources tell Great Britain's The Sun that the latter's better half is not a fan of the former's new girlfriend, a certain giant-breasted reality star.

“Beyonce’s not happy about Kanye’s relationship with Kim," an insider claims to the publication. “She had a conservative upbringing which was very different to Kim’s."

Kim Kardashian and Cleavage
Beyonce in NYC

What, exactly, is it about Kim Kardashian that bugs Beyonce so much? Says the source:

“Bey’s never been impressed by her record with men." Well, yeah.

"And the sex tape that leaked a few years ago." Good point.

“Her 72-day marriage doesn’t exactly inspire her with confidence that she wants the relationship with Kanye to last either." Hard to argue with that.

Still, the women will need to make nice. West and Jay-Z will be touring Europe in May and June, with sources telling the newspaper that Kardashian has already lined up product launches around the same time in the area. She'll be there. So will Beyonce, it stands to reason.

Let's hope these two get it on because, let's face it: if they do, we all know who will be the survivor.



Kim K is f**king all black Hollywood. You white hater's please and Beyonce is f**king white men. Thank God!


Crazy...all u ppl that keep calling kim names & saying she does nothing... Thats b.s. bcuz she has clothing/linen lines, perfume, t.v. show(S), & so on. So it sounds like jealousy 2 me. Who cares how many or who she dates. Date till u find ur soulmate,& Snooki is wat u call no hollywood talent


im so sick of hearing about stars who are pregnant talk about some real news.


I'm not a giant fan of either one so true or not, who gives a FUCK! Beyonce married an uneducated misogynistic pig, while Kim is getting fucked by a misogynistic pig!
And none of us should be surprised that it's going down this way, pretty girls are the meanest.


Ha....beyonce said it.........classy tooo.......people voted beyonce the will never be on her level.....Ha.......people will never ever profile the fake ass hollywood f lister. Kim and kanye are a gutter version of hova and beyonce...ha


All i can say is Beyonce STAY away from the DONKEY C*NT!!!she like a dog in heat!!!and Beyonce you got alot more class than that!!!Stay away from there drama cuz that's what ppl like to see!!!and that's all the kk have to give and one day it will backfire on them all!!! they really need to live a life a REAL LIFE!!!Keep loving them and keep hating them nomatter what they are laughing to the bank!!!and they make fun of the fans and throwing the fans pizza and still they get away with it!!!they are nothing but BULLIES BICTHES!!!!but just don't touch them so wake up ppl!!!they are so ugly and spoil rotten with no SHAME!!!!It;s not just the mom anymore she taught them good to be ASSHOLES!!!if you all like it or not you all kk lovers are DUMBASSES!!!!they use you all!!!it's the beauty inside not just the looks like them!!!that's all they got and one day they won't be that useful anymore!!!keep laughing kk family at us but one day we will enjoy seeing you all CRY!!!!


Someone said they haven't heard anything of the sort coming out of Beyoncé’s mouth. I agree with them and I hope for Beys sake it's not true. A couple of things that Beyoncé should keep in mind is the media make up stories, blow stories out of portion and make a mountain of a hill. So IF, and a big IF these stories are true and Beyoncé has never hung out with Kim. She is hypocrite and she needs to keep in mind how she felt when all the stupid stories about her pregnancy came out. If it’s not true, my bad for even bringing it up.


i think this is all very untrue. not that i know beyonce and her family personally but judging by how they tend not to discuss their private life, i think this 'source" is just trying to stir something up. no one that really knows beyonce enough to have this type of info would have have reported it to this website. i have no problem w/ Kim k. shes not paying my bills so she doenst bother me at all. however i am a huge** beyonce fan swhich is how i can tell that this is fake.


Kim Kardashian isn't even divorced yet, and she's already got a boyfriend. To say she is a bit loose would be an understatement. It isn't any surprise to me, look at her example. When your own mother has an affair, doesn't respect marriage for the commitment it should be, the behavior will repeat.


Also agree wit gevorg!!! Its nice to know nt everyone on this page aren't haterz!!

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